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Should we strip an RV?

Haven't done a thing to our bus yet. Still planning for the most part. we are looking at some very tempting RVs that are close and being sold for cheap. Any thoughts on buying one to pull a bunch of parts from? I know the construction quality of these vehicles is very poor, but there's got to be some good stuff on them that is still usable right? Genny, water pump, propane tank, awning, furniture, ladder, etc. there's one right now within an hour of us for $1500 (1989, 20k miles,30 footer) that we can drive home. We could strip all the good stuff and still try to get a few hundred for what's left.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Should we strip an RV?

All depends on what you want to use it for

An example:
Our bus is an Residential Vehicle, everything I used can be replaced at any hardware store in the great USA!

No waiting for rv specific anything.

Now; we do not boondock for more than a day, I have it setup so I can go to any park etc with electric and plug in....or I can roll into a trailer park and hook up to residential systems easy

Not ideal, works for us and I am slowly building on to have the ability down the road to boondock.....still no "rv" stuff for

It is perfectly fine if it fits your idea as it has for millions of folks.....î

Oh and by the way.....hello and welcome

The awning by its self is worth a good chunk of change....if you have space buy it, strip it and use what you want and sell rest....and repeat if necessary to get multiple ac and awnings...those are the high dollar bits

Eta because mrgreen was turned off
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Year: 2001
Coachwork: Blue Bird (Short)
Chassis: International
Engine: 3800 T444E
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Re: Should we strip an RV?

Hello Bansil. Thanks for the welcome. I hadn't considered the risk of being bound to RV shops and RV salvage. I will save that lesson for when I do my own build. This current bus is a group project intended for shorter trips. It also serves as kind of a trial run for me - I get to make all my mistakes on this one.
Thank you for giving me some perspective. It is very much appreciated.
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Re: Should we strip an RV?

I had a 20' 1979 Majastic travel trailer that I had for years, and was to the point of disrepair. I stripped it down before my bus conversion, thinking I would use a lot over. Ended up, I only used the 30 amp electric cord, which I plan on redoing soon. The 40 gallon fresh water tank, and the toilet. That's it. Really wasn't worth the time of stripping down to bare frame and getting rid of the mess. The rooftop AC's compressor was finally shot. The stove was old, and after starting the conversion I decided I didn't want the old junk with everything new in bus. The black and gray tanks were old and brittle and didn't survive the tear down. I kept the suburban propane heater, but never hooked it up, and now not sure if I ever will either. It's old and I'm not sure I want to take the risk of something being wrong with it. That and I don't have any propane device on the bus, and not sure If I want to add any either now. So I would think hard on what you REALLY need out of an old rv. I would have lost money, if I hadn't already owned the TT. I had it for many years and had long since gotten my use and money out of it. I picked up a good running old 5000w cck onan genny on craigslist for $500. Which you can probably even find a bit cheaper if you search around. To me old rv's are just that, old and used. There probably are a few good things left on them, but make sure there is enough left to make your money back.

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