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Someday, I will convert a schoolbus to a motorhome.

I'm new here, my name is Kyle but folks call me Yeti. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with boondocking/dry camping and full time RVing. Never had the opportunity to RV as a kid as I was always sick. But now that I am older I am growing ambitious. I like to explore and experience new things. In the next few years after I gather all my ducks I want to convert a school bus into a motor home. I might just end up living in it full time. I am sporadic, I hate being tied to a specific area, I like to wander. As well as being sporadic and random, I am a very calculated person, I think things through and plan meticulously. I've begun saving money and in a year or two I would to have a couple grand saved up and do a very nice well thought out conversion. I don't want to cut corners and half ass things. I'd prefer to save money for a few years rather than run out half way through a conversion and end up in trouble.

I have no experience with power tools or woodworking. Which is why the first couple grand I spend will be on purchasing some tools and learning to use them once I move in a few months and settle down. Once I am confident I have all the information I need and the funds secured I'll seriously look for a bus. Did I mention I have no drivers license yet? Haha.

I am just looking for some information from the school bus gurus about buses so I have an idea of the money I need to save. I would like to do a short bus conversion. I have seen photos of long-short buses and was wondering if someone could provide information/manufacturing information on them as Google has failed me. Ultimately I would like to convert a short-long bus, diesel. But I am also looking for a bus that has 4WD, so if I am forced to I will just convert a normal shorty, can't be too picky. As well as 4WD I would hope the bus would have some cargo bays, but that might be stretching it as all the short buses I have seen lack this feature. So some basic features I am looking for are:

-Short-long bus or a short bus
-Cargo bay if possible

A main reason I would like to save money first is because I want it to be completely liveable and self sustaining. I plan to incorporate solar power/wind power, and a large marine-grade battery bank into the bus, as well as a generator. As well I plan to fit it with a combustion toilet. A multi stage reverse osmosis water system with pre-filter (for large debris and particulates) is also in the plans. I figure if I could use a 50-75 gallon fresh water tank and a temporary graywater tank, maybe 15-25 gallons smaller than the fresh water tank depending on how many gallons per hour the R/O system can filter. I already own a small 4-stage R/O system and it produces 5 gal per hour.

I have a very good idea of how I'd build the bus and have playing with designs in a drawing program. Though to do any real concept I'd need the dimensions of a bus.

Thanks for reading, any information you can provide is much appreciated.
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Re: Someday, I will convert a schoolbus to a motorhome.

Originally Posted by FightingDrag
kinda creapy, my names kyle also. XD

from what i have gathered for being here for about a month you will need at least 5k. thats just to start.
I dont know if medium busses run with cargo bays, i know short busses do not, but if you DO run with a shorty, i dont think you will be able to fit a good sized water tank on the bus unless you place it in your living area designs, theres alotta gears and axels and crap under a bus.

Why a shorty for full timing if i might ask?? why not a nice sized dog nosed bus?

Anyhow, WELCOME!!
I hope your friends don't call you Yeti.

5k you say? That's doable. Well there are many reasons I'd rather convert a short bus.

-They seem to have a lower center of gravity.
- With their size and 4WD they seem easier to maneuver, especially where I am from and plan to take the bus to boondock/dry camp
- Cheaper to convert.
- I don't need the space. I'm not looking to build a mansion on wheels.
-I am small, therefore I require less space.
-With my constant water re-useage idea I don't need large water tanks. I plan to put the shower on a riser and stick the temp. graywater tank under it. Directly next to the bathroom on the driver side will be the galley with the fresh water tank no more than a few feet from the gray water tank and under the sink, a pump/ and R/O filter connecting both.
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Re: Someday, I will convert a schoolbus to a motorhome.

Originally Posted by FightingDrag
Originally Posted by Smitty
Deals happen when you don't need them, not when you're looking for one.
creapy that thats so true...

Ok, so a short bus cause you dont see yourself EVER fulltiming in it at all, got it.
Never said that.

I was snooping around and found someone who had converted a 1992 International 3700. It's a big-short bus. I wonder if this is the only long-shortbus made.
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