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1977 Ford Bus Conversation For Sale - Western California

1977 Ford 750 35 Foot Unique School Bus Conversion $2,500 (firm)

Hard to find roof extension!

Hello. It is located a few miles outside of Columbia (Sonora), CA. Pictures at:

Before driving it away, you’ll need to change the power steering pump and get a new power steering pulley wheel. You can do that work here if you’d like. (The truck junkyard 10 or so miles away hopefully has those parts.) Brake lights, backup lights and blinkers aren’t working yet but might be when you contact me.

My name is Phil. I am the registered owner. My phone # has an outside area code but I am here in Columbia. 509- four-seven-five-9802. I have limited internet access and may get online only 1-3 times a week.

I have hooked up Unisolar plastic solar panels (I still have one more that can be hooked up) to the roof and via an inverter, power the ample, bright incandescent lights, entertainment center, my computer, my power tools, recharge the engine battery if need be, recharge things like electronics, etc. with them. I use the bed seen by the entertainment center and under the bunk. It helps that there is so much sunshine in the summer months.

Please note the solar system, and the aftermarket new pure sine wave 1000/1200 watt inverter the bus uses, are not included in the above price, but are for sale as a unit if you want them.

390 engine. (FE). Engine parts have so far most often been based on 1976 Ford 350, with a 390 motor.

The bathroom consists of a shower, sink, medicine cabinet and toilet. It has a combination black water and gray water tank. It also has a water storage tank but the bus is set up now for just a water hose to be connected to the outside that bypasses the water tank.

The bus is currently not ready to be driven away. Unless it’s been on the market for a long while, I’m not looking to take money off for that aspect of it.


• Most of the roof is nicely elevated, a tough thing to find on a bus!
• Clean title and registration. Tabbed through August, 2013.
• Most of the original bus windows are long gone and the aftermarket windows are in good shape. All windows lock.
• Other than a bit here and there (which are of no consequence), I have not seen any significant body rust.
• Roof addition is made of galvanized metal (steel?). I hear that doesn’t rust.
• The interior is freshly painted and solidly built.
• Most of it is insulated with stiff foam paneling. The exception is the rear windows and door, the front dashboard area and about 60 percent of the floor. That floor problem would be taken care of with carpet padding and carpet.
• All 9 interior 12 volt incandescent lights work great. The interior is easy to light with these powerful lights and white interior paint.
• Has a working 20 amp breaker box and long shore power cord, both of which work.
• Overhead bunk (photo #3) that can be used for storage (as it is now) or to sleep in.
• Brand new EdelBrock 4 barrel 600 carburetor. It cost a little under $400 and I still have the receipt.
• New powerful engine battery.
• Fresh tune-up parts
• Outside compartment for two big house batteries and cables going into the bus’ interior. Those batteries can be charged by the engine if you wish. (Currently I am using solar.)
• 9 speakers wired to a stereo. (I have not got the stereo to work though. It likely needs to be replaced).
• Both bus doors lock, one is a keyed deadbolt.
• All the glass is good and the rear windows at least, are strong tempered glass
• Outside of window frames are freshly chalked as well as many other areas.
• Horn, parking lights and headlights work.
• Registered as a motorhome.
• I believe it has a new head gasket on the driver’s side.
• Has air brakes that work okay.
• Has power steering, but the pump and pump pulley wheel need to be replaced and currently are not operational. This likely is the most important thing to take care of before you can drive it home, depending on how far you have to drive.
• Tires look good but the bus has not been driven significantly for 4-6 years. I can’t promise there are no flat spots on any of them. Fortunately flat spots work their way out from what I’m told. It has a spare tire in the same kind of shape.


One or more of the negative things I list further below may be fixed by the time you call or write.)

• The propane tank still has propane in it but is old. The bus doesn’t have a stand set up for it, tough it can go under the bus okay or stand beside it.
• No propane stove. The compartment to put another one in however is still there. There are no propane lines to it though. I’ve used a Coleman camp stove instead.
• No hot heater but it’s metal exterior should be great to make and hold a solar hot water heater.
• The air conditioner has not been charged in 5-7 years and sends out somewhat cool air only for up to 15 minutes.
• The solar panel set up I have would be enough to also power a moderate sized refrigerator. Currently I believe the installed 2 way refrigerator however needs to be charged. It too hasn’t been charged in 5 plus years. It doesn’t work using 110 volts but I haven’t tried it when using propane. A 6-8 foot propane line extension to attach from the propane tank and the refrigerator, will be needed for that.
• Brake lights, backup lights and blinkers aren’t working yet
• I don’t think this affects it’s running considerably but there is an exhaust leak from a exhaust manifold gasket on the passenger side where there’s a broken bolt or it’s fallen off. I have the new exhaust manifold gasket. The driver’s side exhaust manifold gasket was changed for the same reason on the driver’s side.
• Needs touch up painting. Painting using a brush should be fine.
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