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1982 Blue Bird 40' conversion

We've had a lot of interest from our craigslist ad but all we're getting is tire-kickers. We're hoping that by posting our very loved bus here, that someone that will truly appreciate it and be seriously interested will see it.

Please read the entire ad before asking questions (You'd be amazed how many people have asked things that are already in the ad.) You'd also be amazed how many people assume that everything, as in our personal belongings, are included. They aren't.

For the last year and a half we've called it our happy home. Our needs have recently changed and we are now looking for the right person to live in the freedom this space provides. We're not looking to make money off of our investment and the many hours of labor and design, as much as just recoup what we have spent in getting to this stage and find the right person or people to take over our labor of love.

We've designed the interior so that the floor plan can be adjusted to whatever your needs may be. All based upon an eco friendly, off grid conscience design. No v.o.c. products were used in the refurbishment.

* Wood Stove with Cook Top/Baking Oven
* Cork Flooring
* Bamboo Countertops
* Poplar, Alder and Cedar trim
* Panoramic View
* Wired for 220
* Plumbed for two working sinks
* Vanity with working sink
* Porcelain Kitchen Sink
* 10gallon Water Heater
* Stainless Steel Refrigerator
* All Stains, Glues and Materials V.O.C. Free

With 100gallon diesel capacity and a Cummins engine you have a strong and dependable power plant that with the addition of an inverter can provide generator power for emergency backup or for charging an off-grid battery bank. Plus a chassis that can handle many roads and terrain that a motorhome or tour bus simply cannot.

The bus is 40' long and roughly 8' wide. The interior headroom is 6' at center.

Although there is currently no toilet or shower we designed the interior so that it could accommodate them in the future. The cargo bays located under the floor in the rear of the bus would be a perfect place to set up fresh water and black water tanks. Our needs did not require any tanks so this space is currently used for storage.

The bus is insulated. the ceiling is insulation is stock from bluebird. The walls below the windows are 1" foam. The front compartment above the driver is a combination of fiberglass roll and 1" foam. The cork flooring insulates as well.

The stove is amazing. We heated with a combination of fir and oak and regulated with an air conditioner on rare occasion when it really warmed up. We baked dozens of loaves of bread, plenty of casseroles and even cinnamon rolls in the oven baker that sits on top of the stove and is removable. We used two fans 19" directly behind the stove and a 9" up near the front and kept it a cozy 75° through out the fall and winter and only went through about 2 cords the entire year doing so.

Not being a mechanic myself, I had some help when determining whether it was mechanically sound before we purchased it. The two people (a diesel mechanic and a long haul trucker) who had a chance to look, listen and drive it both agreed that it had been incredibly maintained. We have only put 25 miles of the 296,594 total miles so it is safe to say that the cummins engine and alison transmission are in the same condition as the day we purchased it. The engine has a stamp that says it was "delivered" in 1995 indicating that it is not the original engine. I have no documentation as to why it is not the original engine but my suspicion is that it only has half the miles as the odometer reads (150,000 estimated). Between construction and actually living on the bus it sat for over three years without running (we protected the diesel fuel with an additive). Just last month it started up strong and on the first try. Testament to what a great rig this is.

The brakes work great.

The 6 tires are as close to brand new as possible and they are not retreads. Our truck driver friend who looked at them said that they were worth around $500 a piece ($3000 total).

The current set up doesn't allow for mobility without disassembling the bed and then reassembling upon arrival (less than an hour and a half once you get the hang of it). We weren't looking for a travel home as much as a home that could travel, set up and stay an extended amount of time. Our plans were to build an outbuilding on land where we could back the bus up to it and come and go out the rear door into it. This way you could have the washroom, bathroom and storage separate from the living area and maximize the space on the bus for where you spend 95% of your time without clutter. With a few creative adjustments you could personalize it to fit your needs. We designed it with flexibility and further expansion in mind.

The bed/mattress, stove and refrigerator are all included, however the couch, table, chair and television are not.

Asking $15000 but willing to entertain a serious offer.
Located in Vancouver, Washington (Portland, OR Metro). Serious inquires only please.

Contact me at : NinjaNurse14 (at) gmail.com

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It looks beautiful! Do you have a photo from the front back to show more perspective? Also photos of the exterior?
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This is the deck we built off the back, not totally helpful but for inspirations sake

This is the outside before we did a lot of construction. The cedar beams that you see in the picture above extend the length of the exterior of the bus. The beams are bolted secured into the frame with bolts, and have been constructed to withstand quite a bit of weight (our intention was to eventually build a deck on the top, the beams can be used to anchor a top deck)


A few more interior pictures:

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My god, this is a work of art! The windows being left in place allows so much more natural light. The woodwork around the window supports is inspirational, and the open floor plan seems so spacious.
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Your bus is beatiful.
I'm hungry!

You Gotta Let Me Fly
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Very nicely done. What is the manufacturer of the wood stove? I am looking for one like that.
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Great job!
Now I want the truth from someone. Do you builders widen your buses or do you just alter the image size? Completed buses in pictures always look wider than my bus! Its like an arabian tent, so much bigger inside than it should be.
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Originally Posted by HolyBus View Post
Great job!
Now I want the truth from someone. Do you builders widen your buses or do you just alter the image size? Completed buses in pictures always look wider than my bus! Its like an arabian tent, so much bigger inside than it should be.
thats the difference between using a phone camera and a real camera that you know how to use....so my bus looks small also

Bus looks great, only issues I see are it can't be used as an RV w/o major changes to the beautiful interior, where would you put the bedroom area? swapping driversseat and bed every night would never work

and it needs to be painted to be legal, or so you won't be hassled

tires are at least 3 years old, life is only about 7 years, what is date code on the tires?

Good luck with your journey moving forward, and again very well done
Our build La Tortuga
Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
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Wonderful carpentry and that layout is clean. Not having a bathroom helps ;)
Good enough to go viral, id say
Patina enthusiast and professional busman
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This has been sold, but I did not buy it, I just was emailing the seller asking some q,s....
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