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2 running crowns (Cummins Pusher) $2500 each
Not associated with this but someone might wanna pick them up
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Re: 2 running crowns (Cummins Pusher) $2500 each

There's hardly enough info at the link to determine anything worthwhile. But at least the one pictured is for sure NOT
a pusher with it's engine in the rear. And the description stating it's a V6 Cummins is also not possible. To do that
it would have to be mounted mid-ship and protrude up into the passenger compartment, which Crown historically
did do, but only for Fire Coaches and a very few rare small buses based on the tractor (powered) chassis of their
hook and ladder equipment. By the way I've driven one of those buses and it was powered with a six cylinder gasoline
International engine. But I think only two or three were ever built. They were only about 25 ft long and just a curiosity
really. The straight 6 engine managed to fit nicely between the frame rails and that's why any V of any type just won't
work, or else the seats must come out to accommodate it. In the picture you can clearly see all the seats are there and
from the looks of the bus it's nothing more than a regular Crown with the standard mid-ship pancake engine configuration.

Also coming from a truck driving school you can bet it has seen way more than it's fair share of abuse from new drivers
learning to drive a 5-spd. Anyone considering these should keep in mind that they will have a lot of hard abuse to the
transmission at least and maybe even the engine, if it is a Cummins because the governor works differently, and
they could be over-sped and possibly even lugged (which is hard but not impossible to do to a Cummins). Also since
they are not inspected the same as a passenger or school service bus there may be other issues to consider. Possibly
low over all miles, certain rough treatment from new drivers, uncertain overall maintenance, who knows what else.
As long as that's all kept in mind and a new buyer is OK with fixing things and the rest of the body is OK $2500 may
be OK, but it may be too much. Buyer beware. The lack of real information is telling I think too. Whoever did the
description just doesn't know much about them.
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Re: 2 running crowns (Cummins Pusher) $2500 each

I have never responded to these San Diego Crowns. I could never get past the ineptitude of the description..........However Coaches used in drivers training are, in my experience, fairly well maintained, and of course must be inspected yearly: So who knows how many years ago they were actually used, and how many years ago they've been sitting:

As to the V6 Cummins.......well that's just ignorant: However, Contrary to what has been stated, I have personally seen and driven an amidship Crown: The Cummins Triple was transplanted between the frame rails, replacing a Hall Scott, and in fact did protrude into the interior of the Coach, with a makeshift "hood'...........Surprisingly it wasn't too well the fellow who did this, also replaced the entire rear axle, pumpkin etc.......and went to a 3.54 rear end,,,,,,,this Crown was very fast.

As to the Crowns referenced, I personally don't know of anyone who has contacted the seller, and if they did, surely got no clarification with the running gear and condition of these One of the two photo's I did notice what appeared to be a giant oil slick to the rear, and it just looked to me like these had been shabbily treated Crowns, couple with the lame non descriptive description was enough to scare me away: I feel like a Seller has an obligation to afford the reader as clear a picture of the vehicle offered. Note. The vehicle offered. Not one that looks like the one offered; That the prospective buyer, isn't required to ask a hundred questions to find out what the seller has: Really a pathetic excuse for a listing. For all we know, these may be halfway decent Crowns, and I'm always desiring them: But even my desire is weakened by so poorly a presented Sale. Moki
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Re: 2 running crowns (Cummins Pusher) $2500 each

The answers I got were as vague as the description. That is after I posted this though.
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