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Chassis: Thomas Built
Engine: 5.9L Cummins 12V
Rated Cap: 54 passenger
Fully Converted Skoolie - 12 Valve Cummins, Rooftop Deck

After 10,000 miles of road tripping around North America for the past 18 months, I am selling Mr. Dunlap the Bus. I am selling because I no longer need this amount of space because my ex and I split. We had 3 large dogs as well so we needed the space. Road Tripping is not over for me, I will just be doing it in a smaller van.

Mr. Dunlap is a 1993 Ford B-700 Thomas built bus. I spent a year searching the country for this specific bus before I coincidentally found it for sale 20 miles from my home in Western Montana. It spent all of its life in Eastern Montana used by a small town school system, so there is NO RUST on this bus as Eastern Montana is quite dry. The reason why I was so patient in waiting for this specific bus is because of the size, the engine (5.9L 12 Valve Cummins Diesel) and the transmission (Allison AT545 Automatic). The size makes it much easier to navigate. This engine and transmission are cheap and easy for mechanics to work on. Without too much detail, the 12 Valve Cummins is an absolute workhorse that is renowned for going more that a million miles. Of course, this takes routine maintenance and replacement of various parts that wear out (head gasket, etc.) However, these parts are relatively cheap and EASY for diesel mechanics to work on. The bus currently has 193,000 miles on it, barely broken in. The fuel efficiency is 12 mpg. This bus is fully registered and insured as an Class-B motorhome in the state of Montana. It is not recognized as a bus anymore.

For all pictures, please click link to ebay sale.

What is new/replaced on the bus
2 new (4000 miles on them) front tires. $850 + $140 installation = $990
2 brand new front struts (1000 miles) - $150
New alternator (June 201 - $350
2 bus batteries (one purchase in Fall 2017 and one purchased Spring 2018 - $340
Two new front hub cap window kits (used to keep hubs lubricated properly) - $20
New timing belt - $25
Brand new winter chains for front and rear axles - $280

Interior/Exterior Description
The interior of the bus is fully remodeled. I won’t go into the intricate details of the bus, but am happy to talk all about it over the phone.

Insulation: 1.5” - 3” foam board insulation throughout with thermal breaks
Flooring: 1” insulation under subfloor, finished with scratch and water resistant vinyl flooring. Easy cleaning
Sleeping: Sleep 4, one queen size bed and a full size pull-out couch with futon mattress
Heating: Cubic Mini Stove puts out up to 14,000 BTUs, and burns with 83% efficiency (highly efficient for a wood stove). This can be used to cook food, boil water, keep coffee hot (extremely important).
Cooking: Vintage Magic Chef 3-burner propane stove WITH oven. I pulled this out from an old travel trailer. Comes with two 20 lb propane tanks secured safely under the bus in a metal compartment with ventilation. Extremely efficient stove
Refrigeration: 12 volt Dometic cfx-65 refrigerator with freezer. Adjustable temperature control allowing you to make the entire unit a freezer, a fridge, or a combination of both. This unit runs completely off the solar panels.
Plumbing: I kept the plumbing simple for ease of use on the road. 70 gallon potable water tank, 16 gallon grey water. One single bay sink with 12 volt water pump.
Toilet: Easy to use DIY compostable toilet. To be honest, for the almost two years of traveling in the bus, I have not used it once. The dirty secret of toilets on RV’s and van/bus builds is that no matter how hard you try, your entire space ends up smelling like you know what. This is why I much prefer just stopping at a place to do your business. I often find myself in our National Forests camping, and use outhouses or go into the woods. **See notes on customizing bus for buyer’s preferences
Electrical: Fully off-grid 12 volt system that runs completely off the sun. 300W of solar panels that are tiltable to maximize solar gain. There are a few reasons I only went with a 12 volt DC system and 120 volt AC system. First, pure-sine wave inverters are extremely expensive and would add about $2000 to the electrical system to put one in. Second, I simply could not find a need to have a 120 AC system. I charge all of my electronics off a 400W portable inverter, which provides all the power needed to charge cell phones, computers, tablets, wireless vacuum, etc. **Please see notes below for customizing electrical system for buyer’s preference
Electrical charges fridge, water pump, rooftop fan for ventilation, lights throughout bus, exterior flood lights
4 Crown 220 Amp-Hour 6 Volt deep cycle battery, in series and parallel for a total of 440 Amp-Hours in a 12 volt system
Trimetric TM-2030-A Battery Monitor System - allows you to program battery charging for extended battery life and maximum charging (don’t worry if this intimidates you, I already programmed it and does not need changing
Bogart Engineering SC-2030 12/24 Volts Solar Charge Controller - one of the best charge controllers on the market that protects your batteries from overcharging
3 - 100 watt solar panels with tiltable mounts to maximize solar gain
Bus includes a highly efficient 2000W Wen Generator ($500). I have never used this to charge my depleted solar batteries. I strictly use this generator to supply energy to heat the engine block to start the diesel properly in the cold. Diesel engines prefer to start warm. This process extends the life of the engine

Storage: There is extensive storage throughout this bus. For me, I am highly active outdoors and subsequently have a lot of gear. There is a huge “garage” under the bed which stores six 40-gallon totes with room to spare. There is also plenty of storage space under the couch, and a full size closet. Extensive kitchen storage
Kitchen: Beautiful ash hardwood countertops. Custom built butchers block built with cherry and ash hardwood. Copious amounts of dried goods storage above and below countertops. Recessed lighting for night time cooking. 65 quart fridge/freezer, sink with potable water
Exterior Paint: Exterior paint is equipped with an insulative ceramic bead additive that provides extensive insulation (Insulating Paint | Insulating Ceramic Paint Additive | Official NASA Spinoff)
Miscellaneous: YES, that is a custom built 8’x12’ foot redwood rooftop deck space for whatever you want to use it for. Yoga, sunset viewing, partying (please be careful), etc. In addition, my friend (a highly experienced welder and blacksmith) built a 4’x8’ removable hitch platform to store whatever else you may need for your adventures. This can be used this to attach dirt-bikes, mountain-bikes and whatever else you may need. He used standard 2”x2” receivers for options to attach various other racks to it if you don’t need the platform for an adventure.

Notes for Buyer’s Preference

I am willing to perform the following changes to the bus based on buyer’s preference. Please understand that the buyer will be responsible for purchasing any extra components and materials for the options including a $20/hr labor cost.

Pure sine wave installation for 120 volt AC system. This will be an additional 10-15 hours of labor due to retrofitting the bus with required materials and components. I recommend seriously considering what you need this system for as it is expensive ($2000-2500). They have some larger portable inverters out there that I can rewire part of the current electrical system for. This would require about 2-4 hours of labor plus cost of material ($150-350)
Non DIY compostable toilet build. This space I currently just use for storage. I am happy to build another closet in this space at cost of materials (no labor cost). This space is a bit “unfinished” as I never use it as a toilet and is why I will build it at cost.

Total Cost of Build (including purchase of bus) - $19,840
Total Cost of Labor - $10,000 (~1000 hours logged)
Sale Price - $29,840
*Sale Price is contingent upon any changes the buyer would like to see in bus before delivery.
$2000 good faith deposit and agreement will be required before any changes are made to bus and before delivery.
*Delivery of bus will be dependent on buyer’s address and preference for delivery. I am willing to drive the bus to buyer’s address for cost of diesel and days spent on the road. This does depends on where the buyer lives.

Mr. Dunlap is ready for a new owner and all of their adventures to come! (Yes, you can change the name, he won’t mind.)
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I just want to say that I think you've done a great job on this bus and, if it was closer and we could afford it right now, I'd want it. We, too, have three large dogs -- looked at our first used RV yesterday and were appalled at how cheaply made it was. I don't think you will have any trouble selling it.
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Location: Western Montana
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Chassis: Thomas Built
Engine: 5.9L Cummins 12V
Rated Cap: 54 passenger
Trigg, thank you for your kind words! I know, it sucks how cheaply made RV's are today. Almost as cheap as cookie cutter new homes! I hope you can find what you are looking for and it's not too expensive. I have about 15 people interested in the bus and 3 full offers already!
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That's great!
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Did you ever sell this yet?
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Also curious. Is it sold?
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I would love to find out if this bus is still available? Thank you
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Another one curious if it sold?
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school bus conversion, skoolie

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