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Re: help me out!

You could buy stuff at garage sales and resell it on eBay, or buy $200 used cars and clean them up and resell them..That would bring you 3000 fairly soon...
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Re: help me out!

I've thought about:
1) Approaching some farmers that I know have skoolie(s) that I'd like and offer them payments over time during which I rent the bus instead of a regular storage unit; title would transfer to me when the payments totaled the agreed-upon price. This would require a written & notarized contract.

2) Putting my Winnebago on Craigslist in offer of trade for a skoolie (or sell it and use the cash for the bus if I don't spend it on other things first).

I looked at your website. Have you subscribed to the Funds For Writers e-newsletter by C. Hope Clark? She regularly lists poetry contests and other potential publishers. I can send you a copy if you'd like.
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Re: help me out!

There was a couple today with a sign outside the Wal-mart/Sams club drive. They were raising $$ to get to Arizona by fixing (specifically) bulls eye glass chips. I would imagine they bought a fairly inexpensive kit. They must be charging very little though. They tried to get David to trade them a sandwich for glass repair. That was about 6 weeks ago (or more). At the rate they are going, it will take forever to raise up enough $$ to get to AZ (if they are going).

Your sign could read "help me put a roof over my kids heads" or similar. Or you could just tell the truth. "Working for a bus". I vote for the truth, but that's me.

BTW, we don't "help" out folks with signs or panhandlers. Not after learning about that guy in Signal Mtn (Chattanooga TV did a story on him... he was pulling down some big bucks panhandling). Then there was the guy who spent a month at the Kimball exit (I24) trying to beg enough $$ to get to FL where he "had a job waiting"... then he got as far as the East Ridge exit in I75 (60 miles away) where he was stuck for about 2 months.
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Bus Crazy
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Re: help me out!

working for the bus instead of begging.... now that is a thought...
Jesus Christ... Conversion in progress.
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