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Registered in Massachusetts

After all my research and calls to the registry it turned out that absolutely nothing special was required. The RMV had told me I would need an inspection by a state trooper to verify the conversion. A fellow skoolie owner had told me the title conversion did not require the inspection, but still had to be done. He told me he had only a little trouble getting the title converted at the RMV.

My bus came from New York and the "Body/Hull" was listed as "BUS" but the "Title Type" was simply "VEHICLE". There was no "# of passengers" and the weight on the title was curb weight not GVWR, nothing else other them "Thomas" and "SafTLiner MVP" of course.

All that was needed was a application for registration (RMV-1), the old title and a check for the sales tax since I paid no tax at the time of purchase. I'll need a safety inspection, but thats just lights, horn, wipers, etc.

Insurance was $525 for the year for liability and comprehensive to $6K. The Comp. has a $2K deductible - all I'm really interested in is the glass coverage which has no deductible by law in MA. The Comp. part was $40 out of the $525.
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Next time I buy a bus, I may well move to MA!


I hadn't considered the glass coverage issue. SC has the same requirement as MA, I think. Wonder what that would cost GMAC if some nut came along and broke out all my windows? I don't even want to think about it. I'm sure they'd cancel the coverage after that.
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I'm looking at a bus next week, and live in Hudsom MA. It'd be good to know if you have any other tips for registering here in MA.

Sounds like you got cheap insurance, I like it. Comprehensive for only $40 more? What a deal!
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I think the key was that my title had simply "VEHICLE" in the "Title type" field, but I'm not sure.

I think "don't ask, don't tell" is the best policy for dealing with the MA RMV. Best thing to do is probably just have your insurance agent's runner take the paperwork to the RMV - that way you're not there to get yourself in trouble when you offer too much information!
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Got my inspection sticker this morning. At first the garage owner didn't want to do it, he had trouble with the fact that it was a bus even though it had been converted and had 'camper" plates. He called the MA State Police and they told him it was cool.

However, by that time, I had banged my head real good against the speaker over the drivers seat and was bleeding profusely! The garage lot was also full of cars and I had to maneuver the beast into the narrow garage while holding a bloody rag to my head! I'm not sure what the garageman thought of the spectacle but I was like, "just get it done, dude".

The inspection went fine, there was a five minute leak test for the air brake (it held 120 PSI for the whole time) and he jacked up the front end to check steering play. Emissions required revving the engine repeatedly with an exhaust probe in it. It passed but the 3208 is smoky, I'll be sure to do some highway miles to really heat it up next time.

All and all not bad. However, on the way home I just barely kissed a curb and popped my right rear tire! I'm not too broken up about it as that tire had several deep gashes in the sidewall (which is likely why it popped so easily) and I had been planning to replace it anyway, just not today!
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Re: Registered in Massachusetts

go to your local or state police and have them get you the informatioin, they ''public servants, that enforce the laws, it'stheir job to know the law and help you be a law abiding citizen without being in jeopardy of breaking the aforementiined local laws.
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Re: Registered in Massachusetts

I was an insurance runner in MA almost 40 years ago. In MA, there was no insurance card - the agent stamped the actual registration stub. Customers signed a blank application at the agent's office, and after school I picked up and delivered the plates as a service.

I learned which line to stand in. One examiner would send me away for an uncrossed 'T', a different one would have me fix problems on the spot, knowing I wasn't the registrant. The runners learn how to work the system. Use them, or pick their brains.

The Registry had its own police force. I would presume it still does. I would direct my questions to an RMV officer, not an MA trooper. There's probably one in the back room at the local office you can ask to talk to. Or, swing by the RMV inspection station in Bridgewater and ask them what you need to do. They may be able to take care of you.
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