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SOS Artibus has issues

I am presently broke down in Camarillo, Ca. I signed up to your site to see if there is anyone within 50 miles that might have some property where I could work on my bus. I know it's a big ask, but when I had my VW Bus, there existed A.I.R.S the air cooled rescue society for similar situations.

I'm also recently aware of the Quartzite deal - wish I was out there!

In any case, nice site, I should have posted some of my adventures.


S Thomas
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dont know of anyone near you?
post your bus,s symptoms and we can try help with advice/opinions
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It's beyond symptoms - she needs o rings on at least one injector - something I'm fairly confident the shop may have caused - and some glow plugs, for starters. It's at a shop, and they don't seem to like old hippies, and we've hit in impasse, if you will.

I was simply wondering if there might be any members in the area who had a space, before I buy another van or bus and grab my stuff and get back on the road.

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Well, if anyone is in the Camarillo and surrounding areas - and needs any free bus parts - this is a 2003 E350 7.3l and I am going to be abandoning it. The shop literally towed it into a freaking strawberry field and it's not gonna drive away.

Time, of course, is of the essence.

S Thomas
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Im so sorry to hear that. Have you gotten a quote on what it will cost to repair? Is the repair outside of your skillset?
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Originally Posted by Truffles View Post
Im so sorry to hear that. Have you gotten a quote on what it will cost to repair? Is the repair outside of your skillset?
As of now - the shop, got upset that I called other shops in the area - apparently after I called two competitors, they called the original shop and told them I called. The shop manager then called me and said, you have until sundown to get your bus off our property.

Mind you, I never signed any work orders, and certainly didn't want these kids pulling out injectors are replacing the IPR (injector pressure regulator), which were the reason oil began running out the up-pipe. When I took it in, the only real issue was a broken rocker arm - the push rod wasn't even bent.

He demanded $487 to take possession of my bus - or, if he removed the IPR, I would owe only $100 for the same. I told him I'd pay the $100 if they would remove it and tow my bus out to the curb on the city street where they have 7-8 other trucks that are awaiting repairs.

Well, they pulled the bus out and put it in some muddy area in someone's strawberry field - where I am typing now. The valve cover is still off and all the air cleaner parts and "tubing" are not present in the engine bay, nor in my posession.

It's a really fucked up situation that I might say has caused in the fact that these "mechanics" are redneck, coal rolling, diesel wrenches that mainly just do "tunings" on late model performance diesel trucks. I, am the quintessential 56yo hippie, with long hair, who lives and plays music out of my bus - they hate guys like me.

I went and bought a really nice used minivan yesterday as I absolutely cant lose all my possessions. Right now, as of yet, the strawberry field people are not going to have my bus towed. And later today I will use said minivan to pull my bus around the block in this industrial park area and park it legally. (there are a few rv, and one short bus already staying in the area).

The shop manager even told me he called ALL the other shops (I only phoned 2), in the area and told them NOT to help me. I was in no way throwing shade on them when I was seeing 2cd opinions, just as I am doing here, I was simply looking for solutions that they were unwilling to try, and I tried to objectively relay the facts of what had transpired.

I have always been cynical about professional shops, and I have replaced the turbo o-rings, fuel return line (it's a bitch job), and my HPOP lines on this 7.3l. I am fairly competent with a toolbox. But this whole situation has cemented my opinion - never again will I put myself in this position. I fully understand now how a woman must feel when encountered with such a situation, and having zero knowledge of her engine.

I could have replaced the rocker arm myself, but I wasn't feeling very good 10 days ago and I had enough cash to pay a shop for their knowledge, so I made a very unfortunate fateful decision : I had Artibus towed in.

S Thomas
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