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Wiring question

Hello all,
My wife and I are converting a 92 35 foot bluebird. I received it partially converted. Wiring was ran, just not hooked up. The guy I bought it from had an older 30 amp power converter from General Dynamics. It has 12v, 110, and a battery charger on it. I am confused as all get out though when the last breaker on the main was a 15 amp breaker from Bryant (type BR a-947)...I am not sure if it was improvised to be used in the manner it seemed, or if it is meant to be because i cant find any information on it at all! It looks like a double pole, but it has a side where a neutral is stuck in and says it goes to the panel I believe...and there are two load ports for it... there are wires coming out of the power converter where (i assume) the 110 is turned into 12 v and they were shoved into this breaker.... now I'm just trying to rewire with my current set up, but have no idea... I have the schematics for my power converter, but cant seem to find where it says anything about this part... (at least talking any type of specifics) the link to the schematics are here if interested: ... 710778.pdf

Its just really confusing, and its the only thing holding me up. I had a guy coming out to help today who has done a couple skoolie conversions, but as is the case, the day of you mysteriously cant get a hold of anyone...

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Re: Wiring question

On phone so can't see

Most of those types of convertors will take 110/120 and convert to 12v to run rv appliances off your 12v house battery, at the same time they have a 12v battery charger to charge/maintain your house batteries.

So it is an add on to your system to support 12v side

Like I said this is very general, based on what I have seen

I'm. Sure it is not designed to hook into your panel to supply your 120v needs

Hope this helps
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Re: Wiring question

I looked at the owners manual and it makes sense. Which model Progressive Dynamics converter do you have? A picture of the whole thing including its present wiring would help us answer your question. As Bansil explained these gadgets require 110 v and possibly the breaker is supplying it to the converter. Give us a little more info if you can.
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Re: Wiring question

The combination panels for RVs, with both AC and DC over-current protection, usually use one of the circuit breakers in the AC section as the input to the DC converter-charger section. As there are many models in the manual being linked to, as previously stated one or more photos of your unit will be helpful.

Please note the warning in the manual about not using this converter without a good battery connected. It looks like they might be using the battery as a big capacitor for filtering the rectified low-voltage AC. The output of the converter without the battery connected might be pretty trashy. Putting that to modern sensitive DC devices may be asking for trouble.
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