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Engine shut down - 2001 Int'l 3800 DT466E

We are having an issue with our 2001 International 3800 (DT466E). Right now, it will shut off suddenly with no warning. The engine cuts right out and when we try to restart, it won't even crank. No sound, nothing.

Then we disconnect the batteries and reconnect them. Then pull the 40amp fuse thatís in the battery box and reconnect it. Then the bus will crank and turn over, no problem.

We ran the computer, and itís throwing us three inactive fault codes: PID102-4 (intake manifold pressure out-of-range, low), PID168-4 (electrical out-of-range, low), SID-254-8 (unexpected reset fault).

Weíve had a series of issues over the past four months. I donít now if they could be connected to this present problem. Just in case they might be, hereís the summary!

June-August - had a mysterious parasitic drain on our brand new batteries. After it happened 4-5 times, we had batteries tested, one was bad. Had them replaced, installed kill switches to avoid draining the new ones.

September - engine was starved for fuel even though it had about 1/4 tank. Mechanic told us the gauge must be off and to always keep tank over half full. So we did that. But then...

October - engine lost power going up hill, shut off. Tank was completely full. Mechanic told us it was starved for fuel. He also said the fuel pressure was reading 0. He replaced the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, and starter. He scoped the diesel tank and said it looked very clean inside (no gunk).

Bus drove great for almost 1000 miles, and then the mysterious shut off problem started.

December - engine shut off suddenly when driving. When we tried re-starting, it wouldnít even crank. We disconnected the batteries, reconnected, and it cranked and turned over. We drove it a mile to a parking spot, turned it off ourselves. 45 minutes later, we then turned it on no problem, it idled for 2 minutes then shut off again. Once again, no crank.

The mechanic tried jumping the batteries, didnít work. Replaced a solenoid, didnít work. Unplugged a bunch of fuses in the front panel (not the one in the battery box), and then it cranked and turned over. He tested the alternator, said it wasnít charging (we had had flickering lights for a while). So he replaced the alternator and said that probably was the problem. He also ran the computer and didnít find any codes. We drove the bus about 60 miles over the following month (small trips) with no problems, so we thought the issue was fixed.

Then after that month, it started shutting down again. Every time it does this, we disconnect the battery, reconnect, disconnect the 40amp fuse, reconnect, and then it cranks and turns over.

That is our novel. If you have any insights, we would really appreciate it!
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I'm not a mechanic but I do have a DT so I'll chime in with what little knowledge I have.

I would take a good look at all your grounds, battery, ECU and TCM (if you have one).
Me, myself, I would undo all the ground wires I could find, clean them up real good, reconnect and see if that helps at all.

A friend of mines bus also shuts down inexplicably, we have narrowed it down to the prime plunger leaking air. I sure hope we are right on this...

At the very least, you can be confident of good clean ground connections.

I would also check the ECU connections, make sure the contacts are clean and connections are secure.
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When it stops does it just completely go dark as in no power to anything?
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