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Batteries for 8V71 Crown?

Hey all!
I've been trying to get this Crown started before actually buying it. The batteries are bad and need replaced. The owner said he installed "rebuilt" batteries about 3 years ago, but if I can get his price down further and supply my own I'd go that route.

Any recommendations? New? Rebuilt? Brands?

I'm kinda insisting on hearing the beast run before I hand over $3500.

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Wise choice, John_In_ID
There are some Crown mech types on here. The more information you can list here about that specific year of bus, engine, trans, etc., the more replies and information you'll get.

Three year old batteries that have been sitting in a bus without being run regularly aren't worth much. Try to check the age of the tires too.
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Good call on getting it running first. I don't know how many Amps 8-71s need, but if it has batteries already, I'd check the water level(if they are not sealed). Then I'd charge them as much as they would take. I'd then try jumping it with the highest amp jumper you can find. If the if you've never stood next to a big Detroit 2-stroke like that when it pops off, prepare yourself, you could develope PTSD! It's a beautiful sound of the Apocolypse!
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A work of caution:

The two stroke Detroits have, on occasion, been known to have a blower seal fail after sitting for some time. If this occurs when you start it up oil from the blower finds its way into the intake. This results in a runaway engine and can result in SERIOUS damage to you and the engine.

Don't let that discourage you, just be prepared. Make sure that there is a manual kill mechanism in place and functional. Generally a "flapper" on the intake that when engaged shuts off the air to the engine.

If it does not , a CO2 fire extinguisher (MUST be CO2!) discharged into the intake will do the trick.

This is not terribly common but it does happen. It is best to be prepared.

The gent in the video has a 4-53 and stops it with a rag stuffed in the intake. I have been next to an 8v71 that ran away. I would not want to get that close... Nor would I want to chance anything getting sucked into the engine.

I love the two stroke Detroits. They are unique animals.
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That's the Atomic Crown, yes? If so, aren't they 24V like all Crown's tour buses? If you have a 24V starter, I suspect you'll need two 8D batteries in series, or four Group 31s in series and parallel. If you have a 12V starter, two Group 31s in parallel will start it just fine - that's what I now have on my bus. A Delco-Remy 42MT starter motor can draw many hundreds of amps at 12V, but will overheat or burn out if the voltage drops too low under load from having insufficient batteries.

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