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Oh how weird! Yea I took it out recently to check bulbs and I don't remember seeing any switches... wow, even my instrument panel is Franken-bus just like my Carpenter/Wayne dashboard!!


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that wayne-ified heat / defrost is a blessing.. much better than the factory mitchell carpenter stuff was.. the mitchel-factory carpenter (yours is a richmond.. built in the former Wayne plant).. driver heater had to be completely removed from the bus to change the fan motors... including removeing the driver seat and floor base.. disconnecting coolant lines.. unplugging a massive wire harness that went through the heater.. .. so thats why whe ni took mine out (because NONE of the 3 motors in it worked).. I rebuilt it with heat / cool / defrost..
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Originally Posted by Jdevloe View Post
Hello, new to forums and donít know if Iím doing this right. Iím wondering what program is used to change the parameters of the ecm. Iíve read about people doing it on here but canít find anything. Thanks for any help.
you should likely start a new thread of your own for better success
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Originally Posted by cadillackid View Post
I have the printout at home (im travelling) for the dip switches and whgat to set them at.. in one of my posts in my DEV random thread and also in someone elses rear swap thread I posted the pictures of the manual pages..
I do not remember seeing any switches on the back of the panel when I had it out no.

I do remember having to take the old 99 ECM into IH dealer and they put it on the scan machine and printed up some data from it.

then when I finished the trans swap and was using the 2000 ECM in my 99 bus I went back to IH and they inputted the values with the laptop onto the newer 2000 ECM.

but my speedo is still about 10 mph off. I have gotten used to it, and have the GPS as well.

however next time I am mucking about in there I will check

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Originally Posted by RolesvilleMarina View Post
Some more updates for anyone following still

Seems the mystery plug does and does not have anything to do with the no start issue.

It seems to simply be an access plug, can do more than one thing.

I have no books, no real schematics. so am flying blind and learning as I go.

Making calls, asking on FB. Going whereever I can to try to find information.

Ironically one mechanic actually suggested going here to Skoolie and looking for someone called Chris cadillac something.

On the Vista what I didn't realize is the shifter is "upside down". I admit that when I was worrying about wiring and what not I never paid much attention to the linkage itself vs the position of the transmissions selector.

When I swapped the transmissions the mount and throw of the cable is different.

So on the vista I was worrying about the plug, and in reality the whole time I was in 1, 2, or 4 on the selector when I thought I was in R-N-D.

No worries, I'll make a new label. I tried to spin it around, and if it wasn't for the vista dash style I could simply reverse it and it would be normal. But it is ok, different is good. and it works fine, all gears, no binding.. just "upside down"

I was playing around with bus 89 and even bypassing the neutral safety switch no start. But I decided to try same on vista and it started..
It was then that while moving the gearshift through all ranges I was surprised that all the way down was now reverse.

So the vista is pretty much done. I do need to figure out how to hook up the Economy mode switch but now have a good idea of how I think.

Bus 89 I am unsure why it won't start... is def some kinda safety interlock or something I missed, so that is today's goal. Once it starts I think it will be fine. It now has the 98's computer in it... and the Vista has the 03 Computer... Vista popped no codes on startup and it idles fine, a little lower actually than with the 98 ECM... just a hair.

I'll update again when I get bus 89 moving. Once I can get it out of the way I can take the vista for a spin and see what happens. Other than programming possibly I think it will be just fine.

For anyone needing it in the future I did find out this about IH cuircuits.

Circuit 94 - Antilock Brakes
Circuit 92- Electronic transmission
Circuit 62 - Instrumentation/warning light
Circuit 13 - Ignition 12V pos
Circuit 12 - ACC 12v
Circuit 24 - Ignition

If that ever helps anyone down the line
Hey Dave,
Itís hard to interpret. What did green 125 go to inside the bus? Was it blue 62k?

Where did the pink wire connect? Somehow, it seems ignition 12+ has to connect to the trans harness.

Iím still missing that plug through the firewall and trying to get out of limp mode!

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