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Year: 1998
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Coolant warning light on TC2000/RE

This is a 1998 BB TCRE. 8.3L 6CTA with a P7100 pump (all mechanical)

So I've got this coolant warning light that flickers sometimes, stays off for long periods, then stays on for a while too.

The coolant level in the expansion tank is full, I get lots of heat out front. There's a little what I imagine is some sort of bleeder valve resting on the radiator, one end connects to the top of the radiator and the other back to the tank. I've ran it with heat open and closed, bleeder open/closed. It doesn't seem to make a difference.

Additionally, there's a sensor that goes into the expansion tank, and unplugging or plugging it doesn't seem to affect the light at all. (if it's on, it'll be on, if it's off, it'll stay off)

Can someone confirm that the dash indicator (looks like a flag with two "wavy" lines over each other) is truly a coolant level light? I wonder if I've got a short in the dash, or perhaps there's another sender somewhere on the engine I'm missing.
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Is it possible that you've got a air pocket in your block that might be causing that light to come on intermittently? I park my bus on a hill while I'm refilling the coolant. Those long heater hoses, if you've still got them, hold a couple gallons of coolant and can easily hold air until you start running your bus. The air ends up in the top portion of the block causing problems.

I was having some strange issues until I started filling the coolant with the front of the bus elevated.
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My '98 FE has a similar quirk. When staring up cold, the low coolant level lights up till it runs for a few minutes. Not even long enough to register warm on the temp gauge. System appears to be full, and it only happens some of the time. I have also had 2 occasions where I have lost RPM and Speedo momentarily, so chocked it up to a short, or bad cluster...

Gotta love the electronic engines.....
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Just a thought but have you ever pulled the temp sensor out and clean the metal on it back to original condition.They gather residue during useage and that can affect the way they read as the temp is converted to a voltage reading which may be enough to light up the dash light.
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