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I am a civil Engineer, right now working in a bridge project. I wanted to be a pilot and now spend my free time by playing flight simulator games . I love to travel a lot and also a foodie lover.
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I’m a wanderer and have been for some time now. I work odd seasonal jobs and go from job to job. I have done everything from landscaping to goat milking. Last summer I went commercial shrimping off the Washington coast it was lucrative so after my winter in sunny Arizona I will do another season on the ocean.
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Originally Posted by wonderkaty View Post
hello again y'all,
I was sitting there today, in my overly stiffling, hopefully temporary cubicle and I started wondering what you all "do" for a living. I am imagining there is a pretty diverse base of people out there.... does anyone actually drive a bus with kids to school?

I'll start: I myself am a recent college graduate (how long can I claim being a graduate as my "profession"?) and am temping, as said above, in an office. doing data entry.... ALL DAY. I aspire to do something creative and outdoorsy someday. either that, or marry rich. a girl has got to dream.
Our kids are homeschooled so our bus is as close as our kids ever get to being in a school bus. Just like everything else, you want it done right then you need to do it yourself.
If you would like to check out my website that has all sort of information especially for the T444E/7.3PSD engines check out I've got helpful downloads and articles as well as a link to my YT for other how to videos mainly on the F series trucks.
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IT Manager,

Taking my job with me by saying this was my plan and my boss begrudgingly said OK.So its now a remote gig. We launch this month.

Currently in closing for my place and have effectively moved into our mostly converted Skoolie. We're heading west, plan on buying a slab of land or home.

The bus is hanging out in the state parks while I finish up my sale and transition work out of state.
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working on our conversion... currently 3 days a week in DC for work.

soon to start a new gig... will allow for mostly remote work.

wrapping up a couple of home school plans that we can offer to students around the country...hoping to pay for fuel(s).
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I am a service plumber and licensed septic installer.

Just looking to get something to camp in and do a little bit of traveling.
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Originally Posted by EastCoastCB View Post
Hitchhikers and homeless folks will sooner or later bring trouble. Ask me how I know. My deadhead-ness has bit me hard before.
Yep..been there done that. I remember cruzing around the country picking up almost anyone hitchhiking. Had some great times and met some great people from all over the world. I remember the closer I would get to a show or festival the fuller my van would be..

There was a darkside, I remember getting pulled over by the police and have a bunch of Deadheads shoving piles of drugs into nooks and crevices of my van(probably 10yrs of prison worth..) lucky the van never got searched. Then I hit a chain of 5-7 bad hitchhikers, crazy, stealing change and food, sketchy people and realized when you are driving a vehicle you are in a very bad self defense position. Now days I do not pick up hitchhikers.

The type of people who will "rent" the couch of a school bus and not the type of people you will make money from.
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design and screen print t-shirts and other graphics, signs, etc...
I once complained I had no shoes....
Until I met a man with no feet
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So typically when people ask us what we do, we tell them I sell dirty socks to pervs on Ebay and Hillary sells photos of her feet to pervs on Ebay. Yesterday may be the first time someone took us seriously, and she got a message from a girl claiming to have beautiful feet and wanting to get started in this lucrative business.

So while I am happy to say that's +1 point for us, maybe it's -1 point for humanity as a whole...
Keep up with us and our build!
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter
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I used to drive full time for a school bus contractor in Wisconsin. Also dabbled a bit in their motorcoach/party bus side of the fleet as well.

Now I work IT at a school district and drive part time at my old company (AM route before work, sports trips at night and on weekends).
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I work in the gas and oil industry, primarily helicopter portable seismic drilling. I’ve been all over the country hence the buying a bus soon to live in. Hotels get old, so does packing and unpacking and repacking.

I play music and would like to do that professionally but haven’t jumped in yet in leiu of the money aspect.
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Iím a travel nurse ♥️
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Originally Posted by geminusprime View Post
Personal Accountant and Web Developer

Done quite a few different lines of work, of which zero were in my field of study. Yay college degree, you sure were useless. Favorite was working in security systems and access control where we had jobs across the country. Got to see some really cool places doing that job, both in scenery and getting to see cool stuff in restricted areas. All the fun stuff is in the restricted areas it turns out.

Anyways, miss the old job and the old life of traveling, and none of my current jobs keep me in one place, so off I go to the open soon as my build is finished.
That's cool. We were considering working remotely on something in the accounting field, since a lot of accounting work can't outsource their remote jobs to other countries as easily. Can I ask what kind of accounting jobs are you able to get without a degree in the field?
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Originally Posted by 1claire View Post
Drinking a cup of coffee as I finalize the new design that I will present tomorrow morning.
Being a web designer is becoming a tough job especially when the client wants to keep a traditional layout which actually doesn't work anymore.
I am one of those that want to stick to the old layout (Like this site). You can't find anything on the newer wordpress style sites where the whole page is just a few images that scroll up with no sidebar or top bar! I understand the usefulness with bootstrapping for mobile pages and all. But I really dislike using the product.
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Originally Posted by SamStoli View Post
Iím a travel nurse ♥️
my wife is a traveling lab tech. she got stuck in wyoming for the virus mess and they just extended her contract so she wont be home to visit until august now.
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I am approaching my 20th year with the State of Nevada. I'll be retiring sometime in the next 12-14 months and plan on traveling during the summers and driving school bus during the school year until my youngest is out of school. Hopefully by then the wife will be ready to give up the sticks and bricks and go full time for a decade or so.
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Currently furloughed due to COVID-19, as I have respiratory problems that put me at high risk. Was driving rideshare (a scam of the highest order) until then, following an OTR trucking career cut short by aforementioned respiratory problems. Before that, I delivered food and ran my own taxi service until Uber jerked the rug out from under smaller operators. So I went from making $0.25 a mile to $0.43 a mile to $0.15-$0.35 a mile. Honestly preferred driving the big rigs... But I digress. Life is what happens while you make other plans.
"Cheese Wagon" <>

Former owner - 1989 Ford B700 64-pass Blue Bird (Rest In Peace, Cheese Wagon)
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