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Heat blowers

My bus is chock full of heater fan blowers. Under one seat where I'd have tons of storage space, instead I've got a ton of engine heater blowers.

My bus already lacks engine A/C. We don't plan on adding it: the bus will be super insulated, we'll have an oversized zoned minisplit, and we have no intention of driving around when the weather is less than ideal (following the comfortable weather is literally why we're doing this).

Am I good to remove these? Any caveats? Will I kill my dash blower by doing this? Should I leave them to allow dumpng engine heat?
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Join Date: Jul 2019
Location: Cazenovia, NY
Posts: 151
Year: 1985
Coachwork: Leyland
Chassis: Leyland
Engine: Cummins
Rated Cap: 17500, probably kg
Is there more information/photos I can provide that would make giving advice easier?
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the mini split system you are looking into adding into this will also heat to a point and work if you are always chasing warmer weather.
the idea of keeping the heaters for a heat dump is and has worked but it just means there is an issue in the engine bay that is producing the heat.
trace the radiator hoses back to where the defrost tee,s take off and cut and cap,loop them together or put valves there in case you decide to use them later. that should windshield defrost.
flush the radiator check and or change the thermostat,overflow/expansion container if you have one and monitor your temps.
if your motors water pump has the capacity of that many heaters and you delete them then you should have extra capacity for the motor and dash heat but you cant go to lesser pressure hoses or tubing because the pump is still pumping its original connected load/gpm which doesnt change after the inside heaters are done away with unless you change the pump on the motor itself?
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that massiv minisplit needs to be installed correctly so it can be used on the road..

most busses you can yank out all the rear heaters and retain dash heat.. if its a rear engine bvus you will still need to maintain the coolant piping from the rear to the front of the us where the dashboard system connects in... if its front engine you likely can just loop the 2 lines coming out of the dashboard system that head to the rear of the bus...

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I have something similar but no pictures. I took out the rear heater (the one on the floor) and looped the hoses together under the bus just behind the driver seat.

Just past that new loop is a split that goes to defrost the drivers window. It looks like it's inside plastic under the switch panel that's under that window (but I just discovered a black box under the driver's seat with a filter. Not sure what that is yet).

After that tee the rubber hoses go across the underside of the bus and into the dash I think.

My dash has 4 blower openings right in the middle. And three different dials and switches for heat options. It's nuts. Especially when I won't be anywhere too cold.

I don't know where or when it goes to the front window defroster but I assume it's behind these vents. I'm hoping to take all these out and use the room for something.

Sorry I can't help you yet. But when I take it apart I will definitely share pictures of it here.
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My GUESS is that those blower motors are used to move heat around inside of your double decker. that is a lot of air to heat. It takes large blowers or many of them to move the air volume effectively.
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