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Weight & Gas Mileage Recommendations

Hello - I'm just getting started with a 2006 IC CE 40' DT466. As I'm planning on the inside design and looking at things like water tanks, a fridge, a washer/dryer combo, a range, etc., I'm wondering what impact all this weight will have on mileage. Tried searching the web and just get a 2% decrease per 100lbs. But I'm sure that doesn't apply to a bus the way it applies to a car.

Has anyone done any research into the impact of weight on mileage? I figured that a 40 gallon cold water tank and a 16-gallon hot water tank alone is adding 500 pounds. So I know weight will add up quickly.

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Weight will definitely affect your fuel economy. I think the 2% per 100lbs is overstated.

Not an exact comparison but to give you some idea:

My Eagle 10 got a pretty consistent 7.5-8mpg gutted and empty. I added about 6000 lbs including full fresh water tank (200gallons). Fully loaded I got a consistent 7-7.25mpg. If the 2% statement were correct, my mileage would have been reduced by 120%

I don't have a lot of history on my Bluebird yet but I can tell you that two trips between Granite Falls and Dayton, One empty and the second fully loaded with all of my household stuff, I did not see a significant difference in fuel consumption.

Good luck.

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Fuel economy with Diesels can be a little trickier to figure out because its a combination of factors which constantly change during a journey. Obviously weight is a factor but its also a question of how well the engine and drivetrain are suited to perform under the demand, along with terrain and weather-related aerodynamics. If it is a 2006 then it also should have a DEF system which can wreak havoc on performance and fuel economy if not maintained or malfunctions. Even how you drive it is going to add up to fuel efficiency or fuel guzzling.

All that to say there are so many factors and the info you get here may be misleading if just one factor is different from the comparison vehicle. Obviously you're not going to get 20-30mpg but unless something is truly wrong you shouldn't expect below 6-7mpg. The bus was designed to carry some weight and you're not asking it to do something it wasn't build to do, you're just substituting passengers for fixtures and holding tanks. Just be smart about how much and where you put all the weight. A thread yesterday brought up holding tanks behind the rear axle and I'm never a fan of that idea for safety and performance reasons.

As far as driving technique, if you do any hill climbing, don't get too eager and mash the throttle like you would in a car. Use active driving skills to 'read' what your engine is doing and let it work without overworking it. The fact is you're gonna lose speed and the temp gauge is going to rise but unless its overheating this is normal. Diesels can also lug down in rpms but still have torque so don't mistake low rpm (comparable to a gas engine) with no power - chances are if its an automatic it'll downshift as needed. Then use hypermiling techniques downhill to make up for the low mpg climb for a healthier average.

If I were to guess, you could see anywhere from 7 to 11mph just depending on how heavy your rig ends up, how and where you drive. Some may be getting even better and maybe they can share how.
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mileage, weight

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