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2009 INTERNATIONAL CE300 20 Passenger Bus-bidding on

Hi all,

After a crazy week of bus inquiries and searching, I'm gearing up to bid on a 2009 INTERNATIONAL CE300 20 Passenger S/A Transit Bus. 210hp Maxxforce diesel.

I tend to get a little over zealous at auctions. Any thoughts on where I should cap the bid? I haven't been able to find much info on this model of bus or any others for sale. I've seen a lot of the larger Internationals, but I think the 20 seater is uncommon?

Thoughts appreciated! I know I'm a newb and still learning. Really grateful for help and advice.


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I simply would pass on anything that new or anything with that engine.
Just my 2 cents.
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At a guess I would say that bus is not going to sell cheap. I figure the sale price to be closer to $10K than to $5K.

Personally, I would stay away from it.

That vintage with that HP rating tells me it has either the VT365 or the MaxxForce7. Regardless of what IHC/Navistar/IC called the engine, it was basically the same 6.0L/6.4L/6.7L headache Ford had.

What causes the problems are heat related and emissions control related.

In order for the emissions controls to work as designed the engine has to get hot and stay hot for varying periods of time in order for the EGR to burn off all of the unburnt hydrocarbons. If you don't burn up those hydrocarbons the hydrocarbons will start to build up until it causes the engine major problems. Running stop and go in an urban/suburban setting where a long sustained run might be 5 minutes and an hour of run time before the engine is shut off is about the absolute worst thing you can do to those engines.

That is about the smallest IC CE bus IC used to make. With the demise of the IC BE bus model they have been making IC CE buses as short as four windows. I would say rarely since a Collins or Mini-Bird would cost more like $50K-$60K out the door and an IC CE bus of the same capacity would cost an additional $25K-$40K depending on options chosen.

By the way, the seating capacity would be 20 adults with 2 people in each seat. If it were school children the capacity would be 30 students.

For some reason, even though it is spe'c'ed for adult transport, it doesn't appear as if it has the 12" windows but the 9" windows with an inside height of only 72"-74".

That vintage means that everything in the bus is computer controlled with a multiplexed wiring systems. As new as that bus is with as few miles, relatively speaking, I would wonder what was wrong with the bus and why was the owner getting rid of it. The possibility that it is a garage queen that has run out all original and subsequent extended warranties is a real possibility.

In the same auction there is another bus that is 10-years older that is just about the same size. It will most likely sell for under $2K and it would still be a pretty good deal at twice that price as long as the engine starts and doesn't smoke a lot.

The following week in the Las Vegas sale there are a couple of buses that look to be about the same size, both will sell for under $5K, and both would be pretty good buses as long as both started and ran without help.
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im not going to be the one to tell you to completely run away from this bus.. though a couple things do stand out..

1. - this bus does NOT have the ill-fated VT-365 / 6.0 variant than abother post says it does.. it has the Maxxforce DT which is a variant of the DT-466 which is a good engine.

2. - yes everything 2008 and newer has a LOT of emission controls on it. and those emissions systems are prone to very expensive repairs.. anything pre-2008 will not have these expensive complicated emissions systems.

3. - the bus has very low kilometers but VERY HIGH hours.. 19,000 hours on the hour meter unless I read it wrong means this bus has spent a TON of time idling... or the 'decimal point is out' and its 1900.. but I would be wary..

4. - the bus has a Broken air-conditioner... the comporessor pulley is bypassed and is rusty which means the air-conditioner went bad and was bypassed instead of properly repaired.. - what else was jury-rigged and not properly repaired if a maint departmnent bypassed the pulley on this ??

just my 2 cents on this..

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