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Acoustic Ceilings

So I think I have seen two different buses for sale recently that had acoustic ceilings. Its sounds like an advantage from a noise perspective, but for a conversion do you really still need to take it down to inspect the insulation and roof above it? And if so is it worth putting back up when you are done? Can you put another covering over the acoustic ceiling or is that asking for problems from a moisture perspective?

Just trying to determine if the acoustic ceiling is really an advantage, or one more thing that has to go to the dump later.
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The need to take it down is not so much for inspection, but to remove the inadequate insulation in the ceiling and replacing it with something more substantial.
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I am in the process of removing the same material from my Bluebird.

I think that you can do better than the factory acoustic material. A "soft" headliner such as Ozite or low knap, automotive or commercial carpet would go a long way towards quieting your bus.

I used Ozite on my last bus and can remember how different it sounded after having the headliner installed.

I was in another bus that had a pine t&g ceiling and it was quieter than I expected. Better than my factory acoustic ceiling.
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My bus was kind of echoey while it still had the metal ceiling in it, especially without seats. That goes away quickly with a few furnishings.

I don't know where you're located, but if you have any significant cold weathe duringing the winter you're going to want to insulate so you can stay warm. And it works both ways because the insulation helps reduce AC requrements during the summer. It's a good investment as it reduced both heating and cooling expenses.

I'm surprised you haven't read about the basic foundation of building a skoolie yet. Yes you can cut corners, save money and still make your us look pretty, but it's going to cost you at some point. Insulation also does a lot for soundproofing these big metal boxes. Live in a bus for a year without insulation and you'll understand.

Carpet does do a good job of isulating the floor. It also reduces floor condensation during the winter, but I always consider it throw away carpet. .

I put in very good and expensive foam insulation. Everything else was just stuff out of the house at basically no cost. It can be done cheap because most of it is labor, which doesn't count. So I got a $800 spray foam insulation job and then installed about $300 worth of plywood on the interior. Not fancy and not expensive, but durable. There's no echo.

It's about where you want to draw the line on your build. You know if you have to have an indoor toilet and shower or not. I subscribe to the KISS theory. Fewer things to break down. Deciding about insulation is like deciding if you need a convertible bus or one with a roof. I've got to have a roof just like I have to have insulation. You don't have to have foam insulation but you do need insulation. You decide what works best for you.
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