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Re: Attention Members

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Re: Attention Members

If I understand the ads, as explained on other websites, Steve gets paid when you click on an ad to view it, and less money or none if you ignore it. Until there is another way to donate directly, or for those who would like to donate but are strapped, it wouldn't hurt to take a peek now and then at possibly irrelevant goods and services, in order to support the Skoolie cause.
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Re: Attention Members

Every ad network I've seen prohibits "begging for clicks." If their system detected an unusual number of suspicious clicks (multiple clicks from the same ip, a higher percentage of people clicking ads but not following through with a purchase, etc.) they'll either just dock your account for money associated with those click-thrus, or they may investigate further and actually disable the account completely. Seeing a post like above wouldn't look good in a review.

I have a high-traffic site, and ads just barely cover the hosting fees as of now (my fees are higher than most, I have two dedicated servers for it). Used to make a decent amount until the economy tanked.
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Re: Attention Members

It appears to be Google AdSense, which has a lot of logic to detect fraudulent clicks.

In any case, I don't mind clicking through on an ad that appears to be interesting to me. I don't bother clicking through ads that aren't. I've seen 1 ad so far that I clicked thru, but it turned out it wasn't useful for me. *shrugs*

Originally Posted by josetann
I have a high-traffic site, and ads just barely cover the hosting fees as of now (my fees are higher than most, I have two dedicated servers for it). Used to make a decent amount until the economy tanked.
I currently pay $240 a year (actually, $19.95 times 12) for a service that provides me with 24G of disk space, 360M of RAM for my processes, and 200GB/month network transfer. I actually have two of them, each located in a different data center (one in california, one in texas). Both are involved in providing a download mirror for a project I support, and I've never exceeded my bandwidth allocation (or even come close really). The company providing my virtual servers is Linode, and I've been extremely happy with them over the years.

They provide different plans at different price points, primarily differentiated by more RAM and more disk storage. For people that pay by the year instead of by the month, they grant a 50% increase in disk storage (my plan is 16GB, but I have 24GB).

I have no affiliation with them other than being an extremely happy customer of theirs. Over time, they keep increasing the specs for each plan level, and adding more disk space, and not raising their rates. When I started, I was paying for a 64MB box, with 1 or 2G of disk, and maybe 5GB network traffic per month. Since it is a virtual server, I have control over all parts of what is running in my host. A previous hosting provider I used insisted on having their own root account on my machine, and I never was comfortable with that. For a mere $20 bucks for a month, it might be worth checking them out for anyone that is currently paying more than that.

I think it is entirely too easy to take a resource like for granted. It is even easier to take for granted the amount of work that goes into keeping such a site running smoothly. Kudos to Steve for all his efforts.

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Re: Attention Members

Am I stupid?

I can't see any ads. I will gladly look at as many ads as is necessary or send whatever is needed to keep things up and running, just need to know where to look or click, or send the check.

Let us know what is needed Steve!
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Re: Attention Members

There is nothing virtual about's servers. Steve needs to post up the pictures of the home of
Skooling state at a time...
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Re: Attention Members

Hay dare Steve, money tight and times are hard but if i can I want to help. I very much enjoy the Skoolies. Please send me a P.M. on how I can send some help. Russell
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