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Cop stoppped me with a demand...

So I got stopped today and was told I HAD to remove "SCHOOL" from the bus or they would impound it... Is this true or what?
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All school markings need to be removed upon removal from service. I'm surprised he didn't get you for it being yellow, which you cannot legally have in all but a few instances. To answer your question, yes he had the right to do that.
You need to remove all school lettering, all flashing safety lights, the side stop sign,
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Most states require this along with removing or obliterating the flashing lights.
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How much you have to de-school-bus-ify it varies by state but basically yes it should be unmistakably NOT a school bus. As already stated, at minimum remove flashing lights, school signage, and possibly repaint other than NSBY.
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I painted over the school name with black spray paint and also the commercial numbers. However, the bus remained yellow, the word 'School' was not painted and the lights were intact. The stop sign was already removed.

We drove it 1800 miles and never had an issue. I guess it depends on the LEO and if he or she has nothing better to do at the time.
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The bus may not be a "School" bus any more but it is used to ferry elementary school students to there sports games. The school district doesn't allow them to use there buses...
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Originally Posted by GWRider View Post
I guess it depends on the LEO and if he or she has nothing better to do at the time.
This is the most accurate answer.

In terms of paint, I know that a retired school bus cannot legally remain yellow in Indiana and can be no more than 20% yellow in Ohio. This was part of the reason why I was never able to get plates for my old bus. Neither of the above apply if the bus has historic plates (which is EXTREMELY rare in Indiana and uncommon in Ohio). It's fairly common for retired school buses in both states to retain the warning lights.

To my knowledge, Kentucky has no restrictions on paint or warning lights, as I have seen privately owned buses - even some carrying passengers - that are essentially unmodified. Oddly enough, however, Kentucky school districts are required to enforce some of these things on their own: they must remove the stop arm and snip the wiring for the warning flashers upon retirement. I believe painting out the "School Bus" text may be required as well.

I've never heard of an officer threatening to impound a bus, however. Not sure what the legal grounds for that would be.
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FYI-Florida Law - "school bus chrome"

Here is the Florida language / statute regarding retired school bus usage.
It only talks about paint and markings, not lights.

316.72 Buses simulating school buses in color and insignia; conditions of use.—
(1) It shall be unlawful for any person, except a governmental unit or agency operating as provided by law, to use on the public highways of the state any bus of an orange or yellow color known as “school bus chrome,” or any color purporting to resemble the color of a school bus, for any purpose other than to transport persons to and from educational or recreational facilities or institutions or to and from events or activities which are sponsored, financed, or supervised by educational, recreational, religious, or charitable organizations. When said vehicle has ceased to be so used, or is used for the transportation of passengers other than for said purpose, its use shall be unlawful unless and until said bus has been changed from said colors to some other color by repainting and unless and until all signs and insignia which mark or designate it as a school bus have been removed therefrom. However, in school districts contracting for buses from an outside source or in school districts operating specially designed or equipped buses for the transporting of the handicapped, those buses may be used on a temporary or irregular basis to transport persons to and from facilities or activities not specified in this subsection within the county with the express consent of the school board.
(2) Any educational, recreational, religious, or charitable organization may own, operate, rent, or lease any bus which has been painted the orange or yellow color known as “school bus chrome” and which has been equipped with the signs, lights, insignia, and other features which normally characterize a school bus, as defined in s. 1006.25, consistent with the provisions of this section.
(3) Any person violating any provision hereof shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.
(4) Any county or municipal ordinance contrary to the provisions of this section is hereby repealed.
History.—ss. 1, 2, 3, ch. 57-280; s. 5, ch. 61-459; s. 96, ch. 65-239; s. 106, ch. 72-106; s. 13, ch. 75-284; s. 2, ch. 78-104; s. 1, ch. 80-265; s. 40, ch. 97-190; s. 961, ch. 2002-387.
Note.—Former s. 234.041.

Florida - legal definition of a school bus...

1006.25 School buses.—School buses shall be defined and meet specifications as follows:
(1) DEFINITION.—For the purpose of this part, a “school bus” is a motor vehicle regularly used for the transportation of prekindergarten disability program and kindergarten through grade 12 students of the public schools to and from school or to and from school activities, and owned, operated, rented, contracted, or leased by any district school board, excepta) Passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, and trucks as defined in 49 C.F.R. part 571.
(b) Motor vehicles subject to, and meeting all requirements of, the United States Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations under Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations and operated by carriers operating under the jurisdiction of these regulations but not used exclusively for the transportation of public school students.

(2) SPECIFICATIONS.—Each school bus as defined in 49 C.F.R. part 571 and subsection (1) that is rented, leased, purchased, or contracted for must meet the applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards and other specifications as prescribed by rules of the State Board of Education.
(3) STANDARDS FOR LEASED VEHICLES.—A motor vehicle owned and operated by a county or municipal transit authority that is leased by the district school board for transportation of public school students must meet such standards as the State Board of Education establishes by rule. A school bus authorized by a district school board to carry passengers other than school students must have the words “School Bus” and any other signs and insignia that mark or designate it as a school bus covered, removed, or otherwise concealed while such passengers are being transported.
(4) OCCUPANT PROTECTION SYSTEMS.—Students may be transported only in designated seating positions, except as provided in s. 1006.22(12), and must use the occupant crash protection system provided by the manufacturer, which system must comply with the requirements of 49 C.F.R. part 571 or with specifications of the State Board of Education.
History.—s. 299, ch. 2002-387.
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