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Lets say I wanted to

try to make a few bucks with my shortie. I f I go legit, does anyone have any ideas as to what i would need to do? Such as, seat belts for everyone, cdl, fire extinguisher, and others I assume. Just wondering, saw a video on youtube about buses in Des Moines. tks in advance for the info
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Re: Lets say I wanted to

one "loop hole" might be to rent out the bus, but if you drive the bus for people, thats probably gonna violate laws unless you get the business licences and transit authority.
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Re: Lets say I wanted to

If you want to rent out your bus.....

By this I take it to mean, you won't be around to stop someone from tearing it up while they go camping. While you mull that one over, stop in a couple of apartment buildings and ask what kind of damages they get from renters. A guy David used to work for in Chattanooga was thinking about a Cruise America type RV rental deal (his own, no franchise, wanted David to run it and train sales staff) and I was doing the research on the life span, etc of the RV's. Two years and the RV's were at the sell or trash stage (usually the trash but Cruise America will sell them anyway). Word to the wise... never buy a rental RV.... they have been used and abused to the max. The insurance was unbelievable. You could expect your single unit insurance to get canceled if you made a claim and there would be no guarantee that they would pay off on a private owner rental. Renting out the RV violates many insurance rules... you would probably have to have a commercial insurance that covers rentals.

If you are using it to chauffeur folks around (like to nearby casinos, etc) then you would need a CDL and a tour operator's license/Taxi license or whatever your state requires... and lots of insurance. I don't think it would be worth the cost of a "part-time" enterprise. But that is something you would have to look into with your city/county/state and your insurance company. Don't forget that you have to collect and file taxes on your little enterprise.

About CDL's...... My Mom (lives/works in NC) works for HeadStart/Early Start Program. They like all their teachers to have CDL's. My Mom said no as she didn't want to drive a bus. But one of her friends got a CDL and thought nothing of it. Until a few summers back, she was pulled over at a routine traffic stop in her personal car. She had met her husband at a local restaurant and had lunch. She had 1 drink. Cops tested her and it did show she has a very low alcohol reading like for 1 drink. But she had a CDL not a regular license. Cop told her if she had a regular license, he could have let her go. But under the rules for a CDL, she was over the limit and she lost her CDL... PLUS she couldn't get a regular license. HeadStart was making noises about firing her, after they hounded her into getting the CDL and they don't pay any extra for you driving their bus if you are a teacher. After that incident, many of the teachers who didn't regularly drive buses, dropped their CDL's. Too many things came out about the strictness of the rules on CDL's that they never took into account that still applied even in their own personal vehicles (like driving over the speed limit and what happens if you slide off the road in icy weather). But no one looked into it until that one incident. Before you get a CDL, you had better look and see just how it will impact you as well as how severe the penalties are for driving violations.
This post is my opinion. It is not intended to influence anyone's judgment nor do I advocate anyone do what I propose.
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Re: Lets say I wanted to

I was referring to renting it out for the prom, divorce parties, Been there done that, and things like that. Tailgating comes to mind too, but I would be the driver... 3 or 4 times a month maybe... Gonna try to fly under the radar for now, when I get it done....
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