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Just remember to Skoolie your skoolie and everyone is on their own path with their skill sets!

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Originally Posted by bansil View Post
Good morning,afternoon and evening ladies, gentlemen, and young ladies and young men, and everyone else on this site

Skoolies are like a box of chocolates, every one is different and depending on the price of the box, some are fancy and have glitter and creme fillings

We all have one thing in common; that one thing is this:

WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT and we have a common goal, that goal has one thing that we all can relate to...we love OUR skoolies

It DOESN'T (some would use the term shouldn't) matter what color you are, race, age, sex or political party,


There has been a lot of unrest on the prairie as of late, seems like a lot of personal attacks, due to differences in:

religion (I am guilty of this and apologized to the individual), economic standards I have a very low budget bus, compared to some,
having ceramic tiles vs used shag carpet...doesn't matter if you spend
10k on paint awesome...not my cup of don't make fun and
say it was a waste of time, it is their skoolie, you have yours

another issue has to do with PRIDE/FEELINGS/EMOTIONS whatever, remember we are all talking through a keyboard and there is no facial expression etc...before responding to something; think about it and see if it fits into "it's their belief, idea and opinion" we all have those and if you don't respect other peoples rights or opinions then why are you on a public forumn being a "perceived" a$$hole???

If your only reason to post in a threads is to troll, poke the bear or just call someone out on how they did something on their Skoolie...don't waste everyone's time...

If you see something wrong, encourage them to try something else, DO NOT make it sound like everything they did is wrong and the ONLY way to do it is YOUR way!!!!!!!!

And then have 500 people beotching about it, try this

say "how about this way" and then offer links or other avenues for them to research the possible error in their ways

I think everyone needs to CHILL OUT, this bickering back and forth the last 6 months IS NOT GOOD for this site or the thousands of people that visit here to see if having a SKOOLIE could also be there dream

I have been part of this and so have other long term members, there are also brand new members that have not gotten to know older members and their quirks, so they have attacked members because something was taken out of context, to me I "know" alot of the members and Who, What, why When and I have overlooked some stuff because I was "used" to it and it didn't offend me...sadly I couldn't see that just because it didn't offend DID offend others and that was not right, I see this now

I know this was long and I wrote this with out site staff knowledge....and this is MY opinion...PLEASE Skoolie-its...let's take a breathe and relax, so we can settle back into a nice educational and entertaining site...

and no grammar police
Thumbs up...I tend stay fairly neutral, but I do tend to be a "know-it-all" and the more relaxed I am the more it shows

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Originally Posted by nat_ster View Post
Well written.

I just want to say I mean well in all ways.

I only want to help with experience and knowledge.

Everything I post is just my opinion. ( IMO)

I understand we all must take short cuts, use inferior methods, inferior materials. After all, I live in what most people would call a $hit hole. However, living in a shed is just what I had to do.

Please folks, stick around. I enjoy a bit of diversity in our fellow members.

It wasn't a shed, it was home...

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Originally Posted by taskswap View Post

I came here to read, and talk, about skoolies. There are a million other places on the Internet where I can get into religious fights if I really want one.

I Promise To Do My Duty To My Keyboard And To This Forum, To Talk Only About Skoolies And That The Cat 3208 Is Crap, And Hold My Tongue About Everything Else.
Wasn't there a cat 3604B too?

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Originally Posted by EastCoastCB View Post
I typed out a lengthy response and its vanished...
Well said, Doug. You're a hell of a guy.
Taskswap and sdwarf- I totally agree.
I hate it when the gremlins steal my post...

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I love it !
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I have a simple philosophy regarding religion politics and race.

jewish catholic whatever and nothing at all. black white yellow pink purple blue, democrat republican libertarian green. whatever you are....

YOU ALL taste like chicken. Just remember that.

I only eat grumpy people. so as long as you are happy your off the menu
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Thank You

Thanks for saying this. It's hard to put yourself out there with a new group of people, be it in person or on the internet or whatever. Someone recently asked me why I would want to buy a school bus and do all that work when I could just get old RV for the same price and be done with it. But I don't WANT an RV. I wanted a vehicle that reflects me, and I am a vintage-loving, antique-dealing bohemian. That's why we're skoolie people, right? Because we WANT to do that work, to make it our own. I'm sure lots of people think it's stupid to have a 150-year-old possum belly table and a huge oak dresser on a short bus (don't worry, everything is double or triple bolted to floor, wall, and/or ceiling), but for me, it feels like home, though home in this case is a funky gypsy vardo. I waited a long time before posting pictures of the inside because I was afraid of being ridiculed based on some of the comments I've seen on threads here and other sites, frankly. In reality, no one has responded one way or another, so my paranoia was for naught, though in some ways that maybe feels worse! But at least I put it out there. We are a community of "outdoor cats" and, as such, are bound to have differences, both aesthetic and personal. I'm really grateful this site is here. On Facebook, I engage in all sorts of political back and forth, always politely, because I believe that dialogue helps us understand each other. But on this site, all we need to understand is skoolies, and even that, we don't really have to understand. Yay for that!
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I will say this once again...the joy of constructing a Skoolie is that you can build it any damned way that makes you happy. Go for it!!!
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Once in a country, far far away, I saw 4 people - 2 couples - walking; 1 older couple, like parents, 1 younger couple. Suddenly, as they walked next to me, the young guy got angry and kicked the hands of the younger girl, and the contents went flying. It was all I could do not to get in his face: "HEY! Treat her with respect!" but we spoke different languages, and hence I didn't even know why he was mad. "Not a good night to go to jail in a foreign country because I disagree with the culture" I told myself... That country has a reputation in the U.S. for men being "womanizers". The older couple with them didn't respond with any kind of disapproval.

I once got in a physical fight (he threw me into a table, and I responded) with an arrogant, pompous bully who looked like a pro-football linebacker. His even bigger (6'5", 300lb, all muscle) pro-football looking friend insulted one of my waitresses, and I let him know in no uncertain terms that behavior like that was not acceptable in my workplace.

When drivers block intersections and I'm delayed, I honk.

Guess it's just me.

With the new political climate, I am openly calling out bigotry and prejudice. I just gave up on a brother of mine...he has love in his heart, yes, but he uses the "wrong" word often, and openly "hates" Latino immigrants (they undermine his business). He seemed to really be outgrowing his prejudice until the last 2 years...hmmmm. I'll miss him; he was cool otherwise.

And when a religion, philosophy, culture, law, or individual (that's all I can think of right now) creates social division and targets me as "evil," "sinister," "unacceptable," "bad," "wrong," etc, for nonviolent non-hurtful actions, lack of faith, non-adherence to dogma, etc., I won't stand by quietly.

I'm guilty of sarcastic (jokingly critical) remarks here lately about a certain religiously influenced culture in certain states that target me as such, yet are, to my eyes, internally incoherent in philosophy. I don't mean to offend any individuals, just call out ideas that are hurtful to me or others.

I feel I've kept my remarks in context of the existing thread, with sarcasm only added as disapproval, not as an attack or thread changer or opportunity to "push my socio-political agenda".

And yes, I feel subtle negative remarks about how a person's bus "looks," especially when adjectives referring to wealth or cultural status are used in a derogatory manner, are not acceptable, even jokingly. I wouldn't call the "hacks" I've done to my bus the "word" -rigged, because it is just as offensive. I have also called out this behavior with hints of sarcasm (joking critique). Again, I don't want to offend anyone, but hope to make some come to a realization, while making those who already realize smile a bit...I hope.

Maybe it was all the damn Greek philosophy they made me study in high-school.

That said, as a vegetarian, I don't care if you taste like chicken. I don't want to eat you.

And as an Taoist, I say those new Jesus lovers have got the correct ideas if you take them at face value. I almost want to caravan with them so long as they think that God put ALL the seeds on the Earth for Man to use as food and/or medicine, and saw and knew they were all good; damn drugs my nephew...he went from peaceful, quiet, star student to "insane out of my mind" window-smashing burglar to steal a pair of disposable contacts since he couldn't redeem his "free pair" coupon when the store was closed. That was just after the cops caught him with meth, heroin, speed, cocaine, Chinese-made counterfeit liquid Xanax, and another I forget. Last time I talked to him, he was like a zombie, talked nonsense, and didn't remember it hours later. Laws won't stop it. Only REAL love.

Peace, love, respect, for all peoples, creatures, and reverence for the planet itself....
Or in a word: ALOHA
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Originally Posted by Tango View Post
I will say this once again...the joy of constructing a Skoolie is that you can build it any damned way that makes you happy. Go for it!!!
I went to a local balloonfest yesterday (hot air balloons)
They had a lot of RVís on display from the local RV dealership. Poked my head inside a $60,000 fifth wheel... looked like a cheap trailer thrown together. And smelled even worse!
I once complained I had no shoes....
Until I met a man with no feet
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Site Team
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I am going to send people here for a refresher course.
I'm hungry!

You Gotta Let Me Fly
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I really, really appreciate all of you in this forum. This may very well be the best skoolie community on the planet.

Here’s why I say this: I recently joined a bunch of skoolie groups on Facebook, just to see what the broader community experience is.

Over in the Facebook groups there are many, many posts from newbies who start by giving their life story then ask in so many words ‘how cheaply can I get into a beautiful skoolie with no work’.

Few have done any homework-unless the homework is watching vanlifer youtube videos.

The next largest group are those who answer that question with ‘absolutely, quit your job and buy a shitty bus, you’ll be exquisitely pleased’. They're like a cheer squad for addicts.

Here, there are a fair number of those posters, and they are largely treated with respect and pointed to good introductory resources with appropriate cautions and wishes of good luck. Way better service.

Because judging by the number of 'Broke Down and Need Help' posts I'd say there’s a lot of folks who actually do go and buy a clapped out bus for fifteen hundred bucks thinking they can build it on a shoestring, make it look as beautiful as a vanlifer Instagram post, and travel the country for the cost of gas. Depressing.

Few and further apart in those groups are legit kinds of technical questions posed by members about alternatives like ‘insulate or no insulation’. These are fair questions, but hundreds answer without any thought: 'yeah man, definitely'; 'I didn't and not a problem'. Hardly helpful.

There are also a fair number of trolls viciously attacking each other Hatfield and McCoy-style.

Once you sift through all that, ain't nothing much left of value over there. And I'm not sure if there's a fix for them.

I’m a relatively recent member here, but I have a new-found appreciation for those of you who have been contributing here for years. I enjoy participating in this healthy, compassionate, considerate, thoughtful and intelligent group discussion and hope they continue for years and years.

Thanks to all of you, and Happy Holidays.
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Not related to this post, but you mention all the variety of bus experience you have and im wondering if any thoughts on an 84 MCI with Detroit 8v92 and 13 speed manual transmission, with full Jake brakes. 80k on a rebuilt engine/trans.
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Old 01-06-2021, 02:35 AM   #35
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This world seems like it is a crazy place right now, a lot of people are under a ton of stress. We are in the mist of pandemic, political nonesense and crippling Economic uncertainty. Despite everything we are all blessed in so many ways including being able to read eachotherís point of views whether we like them or not. Lets just focus on the fact that we are all bus wierdos and in the end it seems like everybody means well. I owe eastcoast cb an apology we both know why... I am here to stand on the shoulders of all You giants, to selfishly steal your ideas for my own gain and maybe lend a shoulder To anyone crazy enough to stand on it. I am grateful for this forum and all of its participants, though I just joined I have been cruising a year or so. This is a great place.
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Originally Posted by Pizzajones05 View Post
Not related to this post, but you mention all the variety of bus experience you have and im wondering if any thoughts on an 84 MCI with Detroit 8v92 and 13 speed manual transmission, with full Jake brakes. 80k on a rebuilt engine/trans.

This is quite the non sequitur and I didn't see who you directed this to, but feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about that...or is it worth starting a new thread for discussion? Would that be an MC-8 you're asking about? We have an MC-7 with a 6V92TA and also have a bus with a 10-speed manual and I've had Jakes, too. I'm happy to answer questions outside of this thread.
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