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School bus stop signs.

This isn't exactly skoolie related but, it is school bus and our children related. It doesn't relate to my kids or even grandkids, I have great grandkids that are school age. If you agree perhaps you could share everywhere you have an online presence.

School bus stop signs.

With the recent deaths of three children in Indiana due to someone not stopping for the flashing lights of a stopped school bus, it has come to my attention that this is a major problem today. I have seen countless videos taken by bus drivers of people just blowing by their buses, many have shown near misses of children.

I have some say “I didn't see it”. How can you not see a big yellow thing with lots of flashing lights, especially at night? If you didn't see it, you weren't paying attention to your driving. Most school bus drivers, if not all, turn on their flashing lights before coming to a full stop. If you are in too much of a hurry to get somewhere that you “don't have the time”. In most states it's already illegal to text and drive.

I have well over 2 million miles of driving, much of that in a semi. I have been stopped by school buses all over the country. I have never felt inconvienced by it. I rather enjoy seeing the children. It has also been my experience that, for the most part, a school bus never stays on one road for very long. They will soon take a side street and you can be on your way.

I have seen law enforcement say “we can't be everywhere to police it” which, I'm sure, is quite true. Also, if a police officer is present it may not happen as often. The technology exists today that could be installed on every school bus in the US that could record these drivers along with their license plate. I don't know if Indiana has laws that allow this but, perhaps they should. Perhaps all states should. It should be written so that it ONLY applies to this ONE application with no attatchments for ANYTHING else. Make the fines stiff, starting with the first offense, no exceptions, no lawyers need be involved. Something like $1000 for first offense, $10,000 second offense and permanent license loss for the third offense. I think the word would get out soon.

As for funding. Indiana, as well as probably most states, said that the lottery was to be used for schools. Would that person who just won over a billion dollars miss, say, a million of it? I know I wouldn't. The systems don't have to be all that complicated or expensive. It would only have to record one days activity. With removable media the driver would only need to turn in the activity for a day when the event occurred.

I don't normally ask anyone to forward anything. If you read this far perhaps it also means something to you and might know someone who could actuall do something about it and you could forward it to them.

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A school district that I am familiar with recently installed "stop sign cameras" in their buses.

The cameras were installed at no cost to the district. The company that provides the cameras collects a percentage of the revenue that the tickets generate.

If I understand correctly, the ticket is over $500
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