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Where do you park your Skoolie?

Hi All!

I've been getting all excited about converting a skoolie of my own someday soon. These forums have been really useful in helping me narrow down what I want and what I can do with my bus once I've got it. Thanks!

I'm wondering though, where do you park your busses? Most of them seem to be in the 40' size range. Do you have trouble finding rv parks and campgrounds that will accommodate you? If you are living in your bus, where do you park it? I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone who is "urban boondocking."

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Skoolie Parking

Size is a part of having and using a bus. Usually a small bus can be hidden out of sight where a 40 ft unit is easy to see. A 35 ft bus is the best length in my experiences. I call the idea, less is more. I have driven my first bus , a 4905 GMC for about 3 years, and parked bus after climbing the Baker grade on I15 to Vegas. I must has shifter 2-3 gear 300 times. I drove this bus around the country, but could not find many places to hide for a nites hide over. My best memories are with any of my 35ft buses. My Crown is a great bus but the Int Blue Bird is a great machine. All my buses lacked hi horse power. The buses could get up any hill but sometimes, the going was slow. A 35 ft bus can be concealed behind a home garage, a 40 ft bus always sticks out. In ir near big cities, it is near impossible to find a place to park. Less is more....... Frank
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Re: Where do you park your Skoolie?

Right now I have one bus in my driveway and the other in my shed. The one in my driveway is too tall to fit inside any of my buildings.
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Re: Where do you park your Skoolie?

My new (to me, anyway) 40 footer is in my driveway. I've been planning to build out a camper bus for some time, so a few years ago I had an 80x28 driveway poured.

When I first pulled up with it, my nosy, busybody neighbor (every neighborhood has one, right?) stopped by to chat and asked where I'd be storing it. He claimed to know that there was some sort of time limit for storing RVs in your driveway. He was wrong, of course!

The next day, I printed out the relevant section of the city code on parking large commercial vehicles on a sheet of paper. Then, I highlighted the sentence that said "Recreational vehicles are exempt from this regulation" and stuck it in the back window!
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Re: Where do you park your Skoolie?

At home I just park it next to the house. Hook up to 50amp and water, let the gray water drain out, and haven't had to worry about the black water yet.

I've had it parked behind my dad's house for over a month at a time. Same deal, 50amp and water, let gray water drain.

There's room in front of the in-law's house, but no 50amp hookup. All they have is an outlet that screws into a light socket (was enough to keep the fridge running).

No room in front of my mom's house, and had someone tell us that it had to be moved since there was no room for them to get out of their driveway across the road (oddly enough, they had already left when I got back and heard about this). We were only there for a few hours anyways.

Have stayed overnight at multiple rest areas and turnouts on the way to Alaska. Only stayed in one regular campground so far, and we pulled in after hours so they weren't there to turn us away I guess.

Currently staying in the parking lot of a high school in Anchorage, Alaska. Will be moving to a park in Eagle River in about a month. Did have to send a picture of the RV (converted bookmobile), they didn't have a problem with it.

I tried measuring once, I think we're about 38'. Not sure if this helps much, but there you go.
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Re: Where do you park your Skoolie?

heres where I keep my bus. WOW the Karmann Ghia looks small! And the bus is even further back!
When dad was working on it, it used to live in the back yard sticking out from behind the garage. But he built an addition on the back so now the bus would stick way out but still could be back there. If it gets in the way of me getting into the garage, then into the back yard she goes. But for right now she will stay on the driveway. For the past 5 years it has sat at my uncles place 30 miles south of here.
As far as the neighbors go, I'm fortunate to have known most of them all my life. They are used to seeing this place all junked up when dad was still around and have been happy that I have hauled off a lot of my pac-rat fathers junk. They wouldnt dare say anything about the bus because my dad was the neighborhood handyman that everyone called to look at their roofs after a hailstorm and he has done cabinet work in I think 6 of the surrounding houses here. He helped put in everyones water wells when that was a fad here. So, nope nobody will say anything.
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Re: Where do you park your Skoolie?

I park mine in the street right now. My neighbors probably don't like it, because they used to park their multiple vehicles in my area also.
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Re: Where do you park your Skoolie?

Currently I have mine parked in the back yard with a loud generator on the back for use while driving down the road. (honda for overnight) I also have the van in the back yard too. Both are plated with RV plates. I used the bus last weekend adn the van hasn't moved since the beginning of June. I do have trees that kinda grew into the fence and they do provide good view blockage for the neighbors. In the driveway I have a company bus parked every night. No problem with vandals.
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Re: Where do you park your Skoolie?

Ours is parked almost in the back yard... well as far as we could get it. The rules are different everywhere. The city told me if it is parked on a driveway that is fine, if not it must be in the back unseen if possible. I got a code violation & had it dropped in less than 24 hours... Good luck & you can check around your neighborhood for any busses to see what others are doing.
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Re: Where do you park your Skoolie?

Since I live in a Mobile Home and the park doesn't have any place for me to store it here, I keep my bus parked at work. Not a problem though since I work for a Heavy Truck dealer, lots of Motor Homes, Dump trucks, Tractor cabs and yes, an occassional bus. Mine fit's right in. Only problem is about twice per yer someone from Corporate shows up and asks why that bus is still here. The local GM just brushes him off though!!

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