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While working on some roof vents

I had a heart attack. Went to Emergency room, 3 days later got a stint in one artery. After some rest, gotta finish those vents install. Now what is next? Frank
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Re: While working on some roof vents

Get the rest, take the doctors advice and make the plans and keep digg'n--I know where you are comming from--near death. A neck injury at work caused me to suffer a stroke. My life changed over night, but I was lucky and overcame the damage caused and have 99.99% of my original abilities back. I ended up retired but Oh well I now have more or less full time to work on my bus. You will have good days and off days. Listen to your body, get (or stay) in shape! If someone asks you how you feel tell them "perfect! but I'm going to get better" and BELIEVE it! Welcome back and take life by the throat and shake it! Jack
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Re: While working on some roof vents

Take a break and rest up. The bus will still be there.
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Re: While working on some roof vents

Glad you're OK,Do what the doctors say, well, mostly. I got the heart attack thing overwith twenty years ago. Got to feeling bad last year so I retired from trucking.
I can now exercise every morning,work for mumsywumsy in the AM, work on bus in PM, and go square dancing as much as possible, I haven't felt this good in years.
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Re: While working on some roof vents

Glad you are OK. Like the others said, heal up & take care of yourself...stick around for a while yet.
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Re: While working on some roof vents

Glad you are still around. Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables.
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Re: While working on some roof vents

Good to hear you're doing ok. Take care and get back on the bus....

Roy B.
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Re: While working on some roof vents

It's been a little over a year since David's heart attack. He has slowed down a little. The meds make him tire easily. He takes morning walks, consisting of three "loops" around the campground, while it's still cool. The heat bothers him a lot. We think it's the meds. He bleeds easily now (blood thinners). That irritates him a bit... a little "scratch" bleeds a lot. I can't get him to carry a bandaid or two with him. He's a tad stubborn. Other than the tiring & bleeding he is doing well. He works on the bus in the morning while it's cool & I am at work. He goes slow. We have everything planned out so much that he only has to do a thing once. If he gets frustrated, he stops for the day. It's not worth raising his blood pressure when we spend so much keeping it down.

BTW, we have a $35/yr business membership at Sam's Club. Part of David's meds are on the $4-$8/month list. The other stuff we get really cheap as a benefit of the business membership.

For example, currently in NM:
Clonidine 0.1mg (Qty: 60) $8 /we pay $7.47 (12/2012 - wal-mart was $8 discounted for Sam's $6.92 & we were paying $6.43 at the time)

Enalapril 10mg (Qty: 60) $8 /we pay $2.68 (12/2012 - wal-mart was $8 discounted for Sam's $2.68 & we were paying $2.68 at the time)

Metoprolol Tart 25 mg (Qty: 60) $4/ we pay $4

Losartan 50 mg (Qty 60) $65.54 / we pay $39.32 (12/2012 - wal-mart was $107.68 discounted for Sam's $15.23 & we were paying $15.23 at the time)

Simvastatin 40mg (Qty 30) $15.62/ we pay $9.37 (12/2012 - wal-mart was $19.78 discounted for Sam's $3.47 & we were paying $3.47 at the time)

We save $38 over Sam's regular prices. And we most definitely save over Wal-mart! We had to have prescriptions refilled in Socorro at Walmart because we couldn't make it up to Sam's Club in ABQ due to the weather (I-25 was closed). David's "expensive" Losartan pills cost over $100. We got the Sam's Club Business discount at Walmart as a one shot deal. They said we couldn't do that again. But it was an eye opener to see how much we were saving using the SC pharmacy.

Sam's Club will usually allow overnight parking when Wal-mart can't. I think is is because only "members" can stay overnight. They also have free wi-fi and free "before hours" coffee & danishes/cookies for business members. So... park overnight, use their free wi-fi and have a "continental breakfast" in the morning before hitting the road. Their whole 16" pizzas can be purchased from the deli already baked for less than most of the pizza chains sell a 12" baked pizza for. Lots of reason to get a Sam's Club Business membership.

Take care of yourself and don't push yourself too hard.
This post is my opinion. It is not intended to influence anyone's judgment nor do I advocate anyone do what I propose.
Fulltime since 2006
The goal of life is living in agreement with nature. Zeno (335BC-264BC)
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