The discovery and lessons learned so far
We came acrossed a killer already started skoolie conversion through s friend of a friend the plumbing and tanks already installed. (poor layout). Solar on top but no reverter (stolen) and a mess it was first day of ownership
Poorly painted with black / brown flat probley laytex but not preped prior caused it's deteariating detachments the light covers painted. Just a shitty half assed effort put it like that .

Bring it home was a war with a nosey niehbor that's hating still even being on private property involving ordanince rules and authority. It still needs it's interior to be livable and on the road is our idea. Needing a sitchuation that will allow our homesteading for exchange work is ideal and is what we been doing here in Los Altos Hills for nearly 4 yrs keeping property funtions and upkeep valued and caregiver the 97 yr old owner and his horse daily duties keep us busy

All things must end and 97 yrs is a matter of time for us here as it's agreed as long as his living days are offered

Maintance repairs landscape. And animal husbandry we provide as well in beekeeping as a extra asset hobby I am mastering in skill and exsperiance still

Gold country Country living. Is my resume and prefrance for living. Having this bus is another adventure to look forward on dispite it's unwelcomed mistreatment so far.
Once it's habitable and it's time to roll I plan on never looking back here again. Heading for a new way in life is inspiriring
These are the before and after paint job we hand did our goal is On the Cheap so most will be free or near it. So far $1100.00 total been paid out. Adding 35.00 for a nonsence parking ticket now
IMG 20180228 085721 
After painting over a crap job  preped and proper
IMG 20180206 144117 
The hated on ugly  first photo taken
20180215 113325(0) 
College of pics with Rick the driver/ co-owner in center

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