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My Current Bus - Dove
My Current Bus - Dove
Picture Added 02-22-2018 06:52 PM
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  1. Michael Pahl
    02-22-2018 07:08 PM
    Michael Pahl
    My current bus, "Dove." I found the remains of a dove that had gotten trapped in it before I bought it, so I thought it should be remembered in some way, so hence the name. It's a 1993 Bluebird Minibird that was an Air Force bus. It had perimeter seating and the RV type sliding windows. It's a 6.2 Diesel with a 4 speed automatic transmission. When I bought "Dove" she had a little over 19,200 actual miles on her. She has a million mile odometer so she was pretty much just breaking in! I put the RV entry door in, raised the roof, built the rear access door and found the base part of the deck on Craigslist for a $100! The railings are from Home Depot with a bit of welding work done and they are hinged to lay down flat when I'm headed down the road. Access to the deck is via an internal ladder through a hatch in the raised portion of the roof. I am building this bus to be utilitarian rather than a show piece so there is a liberal amount of plywood used rather than nice hardwoods and anyway, I can't really afford nice hardwoods. I do have some nice wood here and there though.... Near as I can figure I get between 12 and 13 mpg. She is still a "work in progress" ~

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