Our bus
Not a great picture, but here is the drivers seat.  The electric and water come in behind the seat.  The circuit box is up high, and the hot water...
View from the master suite to the front
The door back here, we call a plug.  We tried to insulate the bus well, and this was our solution back here.  You can still access the door to the...
storage in the master suite at the back
The other side of the master suite.  We used a queen size bed up on storage shelves.  A king size would fit in here too.  Obviously, we havenít...
The narrow twin size bunks.  All the bunks have shelves and a plug in them
the small set of bunks, on the same side as the shower
our shower.  It has a little bench.  Itís on the other side of the wall from the fridge.
Across from the sink.  The floor is lifeproof from Home Depot and itís more of a grey color.
small fridge and freezer
Sink, butcher block counters, saved the piece of block we cut out
view from the stairs, entering the bus
View from the back.  Backup camera under the lights at the top.

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