Fully converted skoolie for sale!
Full length 1990 Bluebird Detroit Diesel skoolie. Runs great, road ready, and much loved. Full details at www.lesliedraper.org. Asking $18,000. Email at adraper78@gmail.com. Text at 765-212-5333.
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22C8B088 EFDF 4C8F 91EA 7CBAEB8F2999
C095DB5F 4ED5 475D A625 998C789709AF
6F6A5B0A 1FAA 4C7E 8392 AAE5B21253D6
40A55FCB 0C9D 489A AFBF AEC6E3AB24F0
E4BF1999 AB0E 408D A0C0 3CCB56E221CB
77784B44 8C68 4C98 8FA6 CD3E559B04CD
2D69809A 7855 4F3C B15C 4699F83DEFD8
6C16FD60 9245 4328 9E71 D29FD3168F1A
430DC958 8355 4728 A748 C81013067CC4

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