Behold, inspired by a legend to become a myth!
Just finish the details, then one more end to go and we're onto the inside.
The wings there still need to be sealed.
Work in progress
Rear transition window.  Clamped into place.
Driver side window is in.
Rear transition, welded the bars into place.  Didn't do this last year because I wanted the roof to remain in place to keep out weather until I had...
Walls are up.  Onto the transition!
Still don't know how the birds got in, but they stuffed that fixture with straw.
Top end of the front transition has been welded into place
I miss that opening where the emergency exit used to be.  Made life so much easier.
More holes in the floor?  This bus is from Ohio you say?  Bizarre!
And patched.
Passenger side window in place
Driver's side rear.  Reused some of the metal from the inside walls.  Wish I had kept more of that.
Passenger's side rear wheel.  Pretty nasty hole.
Passanger's side front wheel.  Need to figure out how to fix this.
Driver's side front wheel patch.
Some of the patches around the wheel wells.
Welded a clamp to a post.  Because I am special.
Winter has arrived.
Transition skylight is in.  Also got the braces installed
That thing isn't going anywhere.
Finally, sky through the transition.

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