1. Before remodel 2. during remodel 3. after remodel
1. These photos are my shuttle before we started any alteration.
2. These photos are during the remodel.
3. These will be photos after remodel is complete, if it ever is complete.
This is after we have added another layer of plywood above the original plywood and installed the floor joists.
This is what we found when we removed the vinyl from the steps. We plan to have a friend create a metal set of steps for us.
2. While removing what we thought was old flooring we discovered there was no metal floor. This layer of plywood was the frame flooring. We had to...
Layout Idea v3 page 2. Thoughts and reminders.
Layout Idea v3 page 1. Haven't figured out details yet, like where to put water tanks.
1. Inside back of shuttle. Futon was included. It is going away.
1. This is how it came. View from front of passenger side. Front is closet, then counter, then sink with clear and gray water bottles under sink.
1. This is how it came. View from front of driver's side. Counter with shelves under, propane stove (top works, bottom doesn't), and really small...
1. Back of shuttle. There was no indentation that indicated where the license plate should go. I found the plastic T thing inside the shuttle; holes...
1. Passenger side. Only the bi-fold doors. 5 windows.
1. Front of shuttle. Because the shuttle is 2 colors, when I registered her, the clerk labeled the color "unknown".
1. Driver's side. It has a standard truck door. Double tires in the back.

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