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propane open
propane open
Picture Added 01-20-2020 08:29 PM
Added by DrDanger

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  1. Skrooloose101
    02-09-2020 11:45 AM
    How did you make the slider for the angle? Does is slide nicely or does it give you grief?
  2. DrDanger
    02-10-2020 07:17 PM
    Basically on the three bottom cross pieces of the cage I attached blocks of plastic cutting board (pretty durable stuff, I hear). Then on the front two I welded on angle iron to keep the slide from being able to move upward (I attached plastic slides to these as well. I can take some better pictures if you are interested. It slides pretty well, definitely not as smooth as a commercial cabinet ball bearing slide. This is partially due to my poor welding skills (the frame warped a little bit).

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