Our Skoolie! (Also for sale!!)
We have transformed a 40í Thomas school bus into a tiny home! Complete with a kitchen living room bedroom and bathroom thatís in the works, this bus is cozy and functional! The complete electrical system has had an overhaul, we wired in 10 outlets 9 12v lights on switches, itís hooked up to shore power right now, we added our own ďRVĒ plug to have a second option for charging the battery bank, there are 4 12v batteries wired in series, its capabilities ble of running completely on solar alone if need be, we have 4 solar panels to come with as well! They are each 320 watt panels. The bathroom is in the works but very close to completion! If you prefer we would be more then happy to finish it out! If at this time you have the option to build it out yourselves if youíre looking for a great project! Weíve got a tankless water heater ready to be plugged into the system for endless amounts of hot water, as much as the tanks will allow 😊 there are 3 water tanks each 48g one grey water and two fresh as we presume to hook up a compost toilet to avoid black water👍we run the bus once a month to keep up on the fluids flowing and the air filling through out properly just good measure when itís sitting for so long.The bus it self runs great and has low miles, kept in great condition by the Thurston county school district. Want a tour or video of the entire bus let me know!
-Tankless water heater
-water pump
3x48 gal water tanks
4x 320 watt solar panels
Inverter and electrical system
Cables to plug in solar panels
200ft pex piping (100red and 100blue)
Stainless steal sink
Classic subway tile to tile bathroom
Propane stove/oven full sized!
Massive undercarriage for storage and h2o tanks
Small wood burning stove with changeable chimney
2 brand new plexiglass skylights
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