Conversion ready busses
The bus inventory of busses ready to convert
DA2D77BD 5D5A 4EB9 BF58 221AD64C6E89 DT 466E engine Allison auto I have 2 of these 2002 year model both are gutted , primer on the floor roof raised...
8AE8D7F8 A79C 4DFF B5D8 D77AB437E86B DT 466E
70B8BF28 8FB2 4D0F B025 C7B5BAC99C0A buses are stripped of all seats, all interior metal, floor is primed, roof raised 2 feet 2002 year model Thomas...
95758912 3E15 4D62 95BF FDF946D58E41 the interior pics before the bus is gutted
E8EEB3E8 EEC6 489A A712 74E8FFD8D4F1 DT 360/466 engines with AT 540 Allison trans
E4C6A088 1A3D 461C 974F 5F0F4C6F6FFF 71 passenger buses

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