Mr Beefy
A photo blog of our build-out
Our new Bendix PP-DC air parking brake  (aka push-pull) valve. The old one was leaking when we got the bus. The new one works great. Unfortunately...
Our Bendix E7 air brake foot control valve after servicing. Clean, lubed, inspected, slack adjusted, and new Parker fittings all around.
Our Bendix E7 air brake foot control valve before servicing. Dirty, dry of lube, and leaking air at a couple fittings.
First pass at full floor coverage.. 3 more to go.. that was a long 24 hours.  Each layer had to cure to just the right point before the next one went...
Holes patched (fiberglass sheeting) and seams painted with KBS Rust Seal.  Step 1 in our floor preservation process.
All inside siding out.
Siding and back panels out.. think we're getting close to end of demo.
Bye bye fiberglass. You make me itch.
Just for fun we thought we'd put up a thermometer to see how hot it was working inside Mr Beefy during the summer here. In retrospect, that was a bad...
Grinding Day Front
Windows, Siding and insulation out.
20190720 124532
Seats out, stripped and sorted.
Mr Beefys New Goggles
That Sht'll Buff Out
Seats out - Front
Seats Out - Back
Starting Seat Removal
Gettin' Legal.. original pic not pivoted like this. so.. no idea why.. \_(ツ)_/
Mr Beefy at the Chili Store
Mr Beefys first. night out
20190619 122141

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