Bus build
Itís a work in progress...
The couch has a cushion and the fridge is installed underneath - fridge is a 62 qt Whynter chest freezer
Filtered water, fresh water and grey water tanks
Houzer bar sink with a Baby Whale foot pump operated faucet, a Whale hand pump for filtered water as well as a soap dispenser
Cutting out the dresser top for the sink
A bookcase where the very dead AC blower used to be.
Running water finally
We cut down a crib mattress to make the couch cushion
First iteration of the bed
Just before we left
C-head toilet in its temporary spot until this side is finished
Batteries and solar closet almost complete
Installing the breaker/fuse box
The solar panel rack, panels, and Maxxair fan were installed by the mechanic when they had it in the shop
At the mechanic
Havelock wool in the walls and wiring started
First time seeing her after purchase
Seats are out!
Bed framing started.
The dog meets the bus.

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