Things I'm buying in preparation for my conversion.
You gotta admit, it's not horrible for never having welded before.
This is my own style of welding. I call it Franken-welding! LOL
This was my first welding project. Roof Raise tools
This is my floor plan. It's not set in stone but it gives me an idea of what I want. And of course, things could be upgraded or deleted as needed.
Seeing as how welding will be needed, I bought a welder with all the accoutrements, at great prices! I watched many YouTube videos and lernt myself...
I love a deep sink. Perfect for letting dishes pile up! Just make a fancy cutting board that goes across the top and no one needs to see that I...
These are a few of the windows that I'll be using. They're residential hurricane impact windows.
Outlets with USB
A friend game me this toaster oven. It's brand new!!
Eternabond Tape. This stuff is supposed to be able to hold solar panels on a roof!! Even at 65mph!! I researched and found that a few people have...
I want a proper air horn when I get my bus. This on was only $22 plus the wiring harness $10. It's about 300db!!
I've got all sorts of led lighting! I have white strips and RGB strips that will be remote controlled or Bluetooth. This is just a sample

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