Work in progress
Our first bus. We take it out, bring it home and make a little upgrade. One thing at a time.
interior fun
light parade
Macy’s Holiday Parade of Lights
getting ready for the light parade .
aluminum angle for framing. To accommodate half inch plywood
closet and bathroom
potty spot
EDC8CF47 22CD 4DFF AC39 2A89467750FE
3349BB6E 49D5 4479 8A4A F2E17F155759
C2FB2D7C A373 49CC AD62 C879A89652D8
Sorry dad. No flowers, pease signs or pot leafs......
not half shabby for rattle can work
the paint we used after complete wet sanding by hand with 320 wet or dry paper
first trip out painted
okey. We are doing that again!
rolled the roof with Rustoleum
painted a couple panels at a time
putting the bird stripe back on
krylon khaki
Nose job
interior progress

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