My new bus! Just adopted her yesterday and her name is Gladys! She is a 2006 International, Model CE200. She is approximately 26 feet long and weighs 15,360 lbs.
My pillows are done w added bonus of placemats! 💛
Mini wood stove is here! Sry itís sideways, arrrghhh
Sink, faucet and (almost) stove set up.
Finished top with sink already set. Darn site turned another photo sideways. Sry!
A cutting board I made from the excess countertop.
Getting the countertop ready. So beautiful. A big slab of maple!
Thereís a floor! Sorry itís sideways but this site doesnít allow editing and it was fine in my photo album. 🤷🏼*♀️
Cool fabric I found for a couple pillows.
Mini back deck and they surprised me with steps! Thank you!
Kitchen cabinet makeover.
A friend made this for me!
Where to put everything I want...
Seat design, just for fun. Itís not staying.
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Where to start ... 🤔
Gladys is photogenic! ☮️😎💖
Blank canvas
Happy Happy Day! 🚌☮️🙏🏻
Meet Gladys! 🚌☀️☮️

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