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Picture The Dojo
I am not a mechanic or a trained welder. i (mason) am self taught thanks to youtube, and the internet for all the information needed.
learn from doing.

moved to Texas from Minnesota 7 years ago. Moved into a house cheap rent fixer upper. fixed it up, then the land lord said oh nice work sir. then sold the house and kicked us out. did that 2 twice in 2 years.
my accomplice in life offered the idea of a bus. hopped on Criagslist and bought the first one we found. (wouldnt find out till later the engine was garbage) yet when givin the choice of a rock and a hard place. i was forced to learn diesel mechanics, welding, fabrication, electric, plumbing thermal-dynamics, orbital-dynamics and weight balance management (lost 4 thousand lbs doing the lift mod!) the list will go on.
She has turned into a space ship. We call Her The Dojo (where we practice our Kung Fu. Kung Fu is the practice of mastery of any skill. Our Kung Fu is Glass Blowing, Fire Performance and all around wizardry)!

the most common response from tourists (anyone we are giving a tour to) "It's so much bigger on the inside"
we are just some glass blowing artist living the dream :)
42 07-22-2020 02:25 PM

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