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  1. qcdstick
    07-23-2020 08:43 PM
    Vehicle is a international 4300LP ambulance, so the ambulance upfitter ends up doing a LOT to the vehicle. It's their 2001 testing and certification label that calls out 190hp. So, I don't know if they actually de-rated it, or the guy doing the certification label was lazy / made a mistake. To be fair, the certification plaque seems to mostly be about testing / certifying the electrical system's ability to deliver current over a 1hr test so the hp rating engine wouldn't matter so long as it can spin the alternator at the spec rpm.

    Trans is a Allison 3060, so no issue there. That is a big reason I ended up with this truck. We use it to pull a 30' enclosed trailer to the races and sleep in the ambulance.
  2. qcdstick
    07-23-2020 04:56 PM
    Wondering if there is any way to tell what HP a DT466E (2001 year) is programmed to? The plaque on my engine is 230hp/620tq which I believe is the top spec for a ST engine. However, I also have a plaque on the body from the builder that says 195hp which makes me wonder if it was de-rated? Feels under-powered to me, but then again that could just be me. I'm sure the dealer could tell me, but I shudder to think what they'd charge just to hook up so I was hoping maybe there was another way?
  3. 49roadie
    07-04-2020 04:19 PM
    Hi Caddillackid . are you still in need of AC pully,s and bracket,s for a T444E ? If so we are going to NC and W NY in a few weeks, if you want to meet or have us to drop them of some where ?
  4. chkca
    06-07-2020 04:23 PM
    hi, I saw you can reprogram ECM on T444E. What do you need from me wand whats the price? I have a small school bus that is horrifically gutless and pulled the DPF retrofit off it with no real improvement. Curious on how to squeeze enough torq from it to at least maintain speed when going uphill and keep it reliable. Thanks.
  5. Hiura
    04-19-2020 01:46 AM
    The Bus Boys bus appreciation club? All I found online were singers. Is there a link to the site for those who appreciate vintage buses?
  6. 1olfart
    01-03-2020 02:44 PM
    I sent a pm, this morning, but not sure it went through.
    Short version is, what do you recommend (if it's doable) to increase mpg on a 366? 4-5 mpg won't cut it. Thought about swapping to a 6.0 (gas), cause I'm not sure if a 5.3 would get the job done.
    This would be in a short 90s GMC bus, not a cut-a-way.

    Thanks, and Happy New Year,

  7. Booyah45828
    Your pm's are full bud.
  8. Wybie the bus
    Hi there Cadillackid! I just saw that you were also in Columbus, OH and thought I’d reach out and ask if you knew of any places here in the city to park a 35ft Bluebird TC2000? I started gutting it in the last couple weeks and have been asked to move it by the end of the month. I’ve got some lines out but would love to hear from someone with some more experince than myself! Cheers
  9. o1marc
    09-22-2019 06:00 PM
    Got a question for you. Would a 3060 computer off a C7 with a 3060 be compatible with my 3060 on the DT? If so, the 05 could be programmed and put into my 99. Could the DT ecm work on the 05 as a swap?
  10. banman
    08-25-2019 11:34 AM
    Hi Cadillackid,
    I'm David. If you're into craft beer perhaps you know this bus? (It was Brewdog's)

    Anyway I'm super new to skoolies and still very new to Columbus -- I'm in Galloway. Not sure what direction we're gonna go with this thing, but the first step is to get it running and driving...
    You mentioned in a post here somewhere about School-bus junkyards. Are there any junkyards around here you recommend for that? Due to the spaypaint I need all new taillights and some other hardware and then there's the rust on the engine accessories...

    Appreciate any local insight you can give me!

    David (aka Banman)

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