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artaraxiacaravan 05-24-2015 05:49 PM

Artists looking to travel in a skoolie in 2016(newbie)
Hello! We are two 21 year old female musicians and Christ-followers. We have intentions of buying a skoolie and starting a traveling art collective of like-minded individuals. Ideally, we’ll gather a group of about 5-7 artists of all kinds to be in our live performance art group. We have hopes of establishing our own fun, alternative, youthful culture. Email us at if you are an artist/musician interested in coming along! Right now there's only the two of us and were in search of more people to help us get established. Follow our tumblog to see more of what were about. We'd love to hear tips, support, and ideas on how to get this started from people who are already traveling or have traveled in a skoolie. Thanks!

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