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milkmania 06-28-2015 11:20 PM

Panel Flanger
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I see so many conversions where a patch panel is applied over the old overhead lights... *see attachment*

I've got a buddy that's got a high end hot rod shop and I watched him use a pneumatic panel flanger like this to install patch panels

Also, I searched and they've got several models of vice grips with the dies welded to the jaws

not knocking anyone's build, but it just seems like if you've got an air compressor and a welder.... it makes for a clean patch.

Harbor Freight has a flanger for $40 with mixed reviews
Air Punch Flange Tool

just an idea:thumb:

personally, I have to use what I got!:redface:

M1031A1 06-29-2015 10:33 AM

I'm planning on using the lights and holes much like one of the other builders for venting the air conditioning behind the header and tail end of the bus. Much cleaner look.

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