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onenationundergoat 08-05-2015 03:12 PM

Good Sam Trip Planner
I know a lot of you have Good Sam Club memberships or Good Sam Roadside Assistance. We signed up for both, and the Club gives you access to an online trip planner. Honestly, this program is FANTASTIC! I've been on it for a couple hours now.

You type in where you're leaving from and going to, and then you add stops along the way. Easy. Up to 25 destinations per itinerary. Then you can search near your route for camping or things to do. Under camping you can filter by Good Sam Parks, Private Campgrounds, or Public Campgrounds. If you choose Good Sam Parks, you can further filter by ratings of the facilities, appeal, and restrooms. Little bubbles pop up at campground locations. When you click on one it gives you pictures, websites, a list of amenities, and if you click "more info" it opens a page with address, phone number, prices, open dates, policies, space sizes, facilities, discounts, and directions.

Under things to do you can find Camping World Stores (most of which offer free overnight camping), Pilot Flying J stations (3 cent discount on diesel), Rest Areas (covert overnight stays), Amusement, Arts and Music, Festivals, Science and Tech, Shopping, Sports Fan, Food and Drink, The Great Outdoors, History and Heritage, Picture Perfect, Quirky and Oddball, and Small Town Gems. If you click on a bubble it gives you the name, location, and buttons for "add to trip" or "more info" which gives a description, phone number and address and website if possible.

The most brilliant thing that I love is that it gives you warnings specific to RV potential dangers on your route. A yellow exclamation point triangle pops up and lets you know about low clearance, weight restrictions, propane restrictions, and other things that might mean you shouldn't take your RV there.

It also automatically saves your work as you go so you won't lose it if you have a grumpy computer.

Really it's worth paying the $20 membership even to just use this program, let alone using the dump station for free, discounts on propane and camping stuff, free safety inspections, campsite discounts, and free online shipping. And a discount of Roadside Assistance.

It sounds like I work for them or something, but I'm just a really happy customer! Hey Good Sam, if you're listening.... sponsor our trip and we'll tell the whole country about it! Hahaha

EastCoastCB 08-05-2015 04:29 PM

Very good info.
Good Sam is great, and with the sticker its easy to pass as an old fogey to keep the fuzz away.

ol trunt 08-05-2015 11:24 PM

As an old fogey and fuzz--don't hold your breath--Ha Ha. Great post, thanks. I'll give my membership a try!

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