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The-Breeze 08-05-2015 08:51 PM

Threads by state
How hard would it be to have separate posts by state? It would be nice to get to better know your neighbors & the dealings by state regarding insurance & registration & other issues that pop up around skoolies per se. It would also make it easy to see about help when needed and such.

The-Breeze 08-06-2015 02:24 AM would help with information on where to go for the best places to camp or say you break down and need help with parts or service for those on the road that may not be familiar with the area.

There are so many reasons where listing things by state would be very helpful.

Janet H 08-06-2015 12:12 PM

It's tough to do but you can sort/search the member list by location which may be a help - Members List

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