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chadgreenpath 08-07-2015 01:58 PM

blank slate
howdy folks~ we just bought a 1990 bluebird 12 window detroit diesel church bus. empty inside with new wood flooring, pretty much a clean slate. i just drove it home, first time driving a big rig like that, and have been contemplating the zen like interior. i know nothing...

i could use help/ideas with the following projects:
deck on the roof,
under-storage boxes
cabinets that run the length above the windows
im going to browse the forums now, just thought id throw it out there...

c_hasbeen 08-07-2015 04:07 PM

Tell us what you are wanting to use the bus for, occasional tailgating to full time living or what ever you dream. This will help with ideas, especially I'd you look at build threads and albums on here to jump your imagination in gear.
You should have many many miles left in that engine!


chadgreenpath 08-31-2015 09:04 PM

hey, so im at the stage of wanting to install a pretty substantial deck on the roof. im looking for advice on drilling straight into the roof. how do i keep it from leaking? are rubber washers enough? ive been looking for more plans and or tutorials to see how others have done it, but havent been finding much. it will have to be all nuts and bolts and screws, as im not a welder. any help?

chadgreenpath 08-31-2015 09:07 PM

C also, to respond, the bus is sitting for a few months while we install some bed platforms and a basic kitchen. but we are moving in full time for the winter. i would like to keep the floor plan versatile enough to live in, use as storage, or take a trip with 15 folks on a festival circuit.

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