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Genenco 11-10-2015 05:11 PM

Finally got here
Hi all, I'm from the Van Dweller site (I ALMOST thought of abbreviating the name, what an entry THAT would have been!) :eek:

I finally came to the conclusion that due to my job and the permissions I have with parking and sleeping in the parking lot, that the only answer for vehicle to live in, is a bus.:dance:

Now I am looking at a "Shorty" 21 passenger max. I get my wifi free at the local community center and also at the Walmart I sleep at. I even work at one also, but my co-workers know I live out of my vehicle happily. I'd stay with paying the $37 a month for showers, but if I can do the whole thing for less, I can save for my old age. :campfire:

Best thing about this for me? Helping Sister. Yes her and her husband are paying on a house, but she doesn't work, he does but they are stretched thin, so since I make $1,200 or so a month, I can easily help them with electric and such.:angel:

After all, with my set up now, I get by on less than $450. (I am paying off bills and repairs though) come March, I'll be home free on ALL bills. Then the looking starts.:thumb:

EastCoastCB 11-10-2015 05:30 PM

Sounds similar to my life.
Welcome aboard. I have friends who do van life 6 months out of the year.
Currently looking around for a van of my own.

Welcome aboard.
There are some nice transit style shorties out west that should suit you nicely.

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