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gyronaut 04-10-2016 09:24 PM

Just joined

I have just found this forum and glad i did. I have just bought a 2000 Ford E350 based Corbiel short bus (single rear wheel) powered by the 7.3 powerstroke diesel. However, unlike most of you guys i guess, I'm not intending doing a full motorhome conversion. My plan is a little different.

I have a couple of young kids, a wife, mortgage and a partridge in a pair tree. Notwithstanding that, i am planning on pulling the kids for 6-12 months and doing the great north American natural history tour (grand canyon, great redwoods, Utah, Yellowstone etc). We already have a 25' travel trailer that has served us well. Problem is that it's not big enough to consider full timing (or at least that's what my wife says). A new bigger trailer will be expensive, and so would likely the bigger truck id need to pull it. So, it got me thinking. If i could get a vehicle that gave us more space and travel flexibility as a tow vehicle, then i might get away with not blowing the kids college fund.

The solution, a small diesel bus. I will make a dinette behind the driver, with a 3 seat sofa on the passenger side. I'll build a couple of bunks behind the dinette and leave the other corner for storage of bikes, canoes etc, but still allowing room for an air mattress on the floor if needed. I'll put in a few AC/DC conveniences, but not bothering with plumbing or a kitchen because we have the fully equipped trailer.

I'm hoping that I will get a good tow vehicle, the kids can belt in at the dinette and colour or read on he road rather than being stuck in a car seat watch dvds, i get the safe structure of a school bus, it'll be relatively cheap and it's a little bit of fun. What's not to like?

I have already pulled the seats and i am working on the very long list of jobs to do. Hoping to be on the road for the summer.

I'll start pouring through the forum for ideas and advice, but if anyone knows this Ford Corbiel or can offer some thoughts, I'm all ears.



Robin97396 04-10-2016 10:49 PM

Hello gyronaut
I've heard the word Corbiel being thrown around here lately. Not me though. Welcome.

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