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somewhereinusa 05-23-2016 05:15 PM

3116 Cat fuel return.
Does anyone know if I can T into the fuel return line of a 3116 Cat for fuel return for my Genny?

cadillackid 05-23-2016 08:18 PM

I wouldsnt want to T into the return line as the return line doesnt always have fuel in it.. or are you talkng as a return line for the genny?


Robin97396 05-23-2016 08:58 PM

Sounds reasonable and safe.

somewhereinusa 05-25-2016 06:33 AM

Thanks guys, I poured some diesel down the return line and it just went away quite quickly. I did forget to mention one important part, my genny produces 12V so I can't think of any scenario where the engine and genny would be running at the same time.

Booyah45828 05-25-2016 09:38 AM

I wouldn't. If the line runs all the way back to the tank then there would be no pickup in the tank. So all your genny would do is pump air. I assume it has it's own pump on the generator? If it does, you might be able to get into the primary fuel filter. You'll have to look at the filter base to see if there is another supply port that is plugged. And you might also have to put some check valves in place to keep from sucking the secondary and injection pump dry.

somewhereinusa 05-25-2016 10:22 AM

I just read my original post. Seems to be a misunderstanding, I am using the same line for return. Each engine has their own fuel supply

Robin97396 05-25-2016 12:43 PM

I didn't re-read it, but plugging your genny fuel return line into the bus engine return line shouldn't create any problems. It's a return line. It doesn't really make any difference if you tap into another return line or create a separate entry port back into the fuel tank.
On the other hand sometimes I'm shooting blanks.

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